When a 7.8M earthquake devasted Nepal, researchers at Ohio State were called upon to help with disaster relief efforts.
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Nepal disaster relief efforts

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When a 7.8M earthquake devasted Nepal killing over 8,000 and injuring thousands more, researchers at Ohio State were called upon to help with disaster relief efforts.

Using the same high-resolution satellite imagery normally used to study glaciers, research teams at The Ohio State University and the University of Minnesota shifted their attention to produce high-resolution, 3-D digital surface maps for use in the relief effort. Learn more »

US Geological Survey of 2015 Nepal earthquake

Classroom Connections

The classes you take at Ohio State aren't just theoretical—they have real-world applications to events happening here and now.

GEOG 5225: GIS Applications in Remote Sensing

This course provides an introduction to the fundamentals of remote sensing and its geographic applications. Lectures will focus on basic concepts and techniques in remote sensing data acquisition and analysis. Examples from a variety of topical areas will be used to illustrate how the information derived from remotely sensed data can be used in geographic studies. Computer laboratory exercises are designed to help students to gain hands-on experiences on the digital processing of remotely sensed data. Students are expected to complete a project that applies remote sensing techniques to solve a real- world problem.

Image of Ganesh tapestry linking to the Department of History of Art
HISTART 5723: Art of Nepal and Tibet

HISTART 5723 offers an analysis of the cross currents of style and iconography that constitute the pre-Muslim art of Central Asia.

Photo of the slums of Kathmandu linking to the Department of Sociology

SOCIOL 3306: Sociology of Poverty

A study of low-income peoples, especially concerning the effect of poverty on them, and their consequent social participation.


Map of South Asia linking to the Department of Comparative Studies
COMPSTD 2220: Introduction to South Asian Studies

A multi-disciplinary introduction to South Asia's geographical, political, cultural, and religious contexts and connections.

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