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Prairie & Grasslands Edition

  • Landowner-Hunter Partnership Supports Habitat Conservation: Controlling Invasive Plants Enhances Diversity
  • Integrative Management of Sericea Lespedeza in Prairie Restorations
  • Managing Sweetclover in Natural Areas
  • Saint Johnswort: Biology, Impact and Management
  • Celebrating the Centennial: Volunteers Unite in Glacier National Park Weed Bioblitz
  • Photo Contest: $200 Prize!
  • Fall Control Recommendations
  • Meet the TechLine Team
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Landowner-Hunter Partnership Supports Habitat Conservation: Controlling Invasive Plants Enhances Diversity >>  Chris Hitzeman, a farmer and owner of U-Guide South Dakota Pheasant Hunting, gathered the group to discuss the challenges and benefits of restoring wildlife habitat. This diverse collection of individuals shares an interest in expanding and improving habitat for wildlife in the prairie region. READ MORE

Integrative Management of Sericea Lespedeza in Prairie Restorations >> Researchers at Southern Illinois University conducted a study on sericea lespedeza in the Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge. The goal of the research was to explore a comprehensive approach to reducing the abundance of sericea lespedeza by: 1) measuring the level of sericea lespedeza control and forb tolerance to varying rates of herbicides applied in spring and summer, 2) comparing effectiveness of summer-applied to spring-applied herbicide treatments, and 3) determining how supplemental seeding of native grasses and forbs enhance restoration success following herbicide treatment. READ MORE

RELATED STORY: Managing Sericea Lespedeza with Selective Herbicides.

Managing Sweetclover in Natural Areas  >>  

Yellow and white sweetclover are herbaceous, non-native legumes that are widely distributed in the United States. Although cultivated for various attributes, sweetclover is known to degrade grasslands in prairie and natural areas by overtopping and shading native plants thereby reducing diversity. Learn about the biology, ecology, and management recommendations for sweetclover. READ MORE

Saint Johnswort: Biology, Impact and Management >>  St. Johnswort, also known as Klamath weed or goatweed, was introduced to the United States as an ornamental and medicinal plan. This taprooted perennial now occurs in all but two states and is a challenge to land managers. Learn about the impacts, identification, and management using various methods. READ MORE
Celebrating the Centennial: Volunteers Unite in Glacier National Park Weed Bioblitz  >>  More than 90 volunteers gathered in July to be trained on noxious weed identification, monitoring and control in Glacier National Park as part of the Weed BioBlitz. Participants included volunteer youth and adults from Montana, Wyoming and Idaho. READ MORE

Meet the TechLine Team

is editor and primary author for TechLine. Owner of Weed Management Services since 1988, Celestine earned her BS in Agronomy/ Horticulture from New Mexico State University and MS in Agronomy [Weed Science] from Montana State University. She also conducts field research, environmental assessments, and training programs throughout the Northwest on invasive plants. 
Read the rules and guidelines for submitting your favorite photo of a terrestrial invasive plant and/or weed management in action. Entries accepted through 10/14/2016.
is managing editor and creative director for TechLine’s electronic and print publications. Since earning her BS in Biology/Botany from the University of Montana in 1996, Melissa has worked with invasive plant researchers, educators, and managers–as a field biologist, teacher, writer/editor, and designer. Melissa owns Hibou Creative Services in Helena, Montana. 

Fall rain and cooler temperatures provide good conditions for extending the herbicide application season. Learn about species that can be effectively controlled in the fall.

is circulation and outreach coordinator, handling subscriptions, customer care, and social media relations with our audience. With a degree in Environmental Studies from Western Washington University, Darby has conducted outreach and field-work for federal, state and non-profit agencies across the West.

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