#ThinkLocalDC COVID-19 Impact

Survey Results

180 Think Local First DC members and community partners responded to a survey examining what effects the COVID-19 crisis will have on the local small business community. Below are the results of that survey. Results are from March 13-20, 2020. 

We will send a comparison graphic to show ongoing responses.

Comment: 3/14/20. Enhanced UI needs to be structured so that employers will not have increased premiums if their employees need to apply for Unemployment. There needs to be an immediate federally mandated DEFERMENT WITH ZERO INTEREST ACCRUAL for any and all commercial loans.

3/13/20. We anticipate 50% (on the low side) or more reduction in sales due to this situation. We are very concerned about our and our community partners’ ability to survive the shutdowns and lack of foot traffic because of this pandemic.

3/14/20. My employees from Ward 7 and 8 KNOW NOTHING about this virus. One literally said to me "well, I haven't heard of Coronavirus before, so it couldn't be that bad - not as bad as swine flu." The city needs people walking the neighborhoods to inform citizens about the dangers.

3/13/20. Healthcare!! This is MAJOR! Owners also need some form of paid time off if we are forced to close and our employees CERTAINLY need it but with a 3% profit margin, we simply can’t afford it. Utilities and dc gov fees/fines should be waived and tax liabilities decreased or eliminated while the pandemic continues to affect local small businesses. Rent/mortgage freeze.

3/17/20. There is not enough being done for artists right now. Specific relief needs to be in place for our community. We are being hit SO hard right now. My income for the next two months is decimated- thousands and thousands of dollars from touring (which took months of planning) down the drain.

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