There is no better time than now, to come together, to act together.

Sight and Life has responded to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic by coordinating demand for food with a supply of fortified food and supplements, across geographies. Help Sight and Life in our mission to alleviate the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic. 

We are in the eye of the proverbial perfect storm, with COVID-19 sending consistent shock waves across all spheres of life. While the virus has been referred to as an equalizer of many sorts, it becomes clearer day by day that there are some, for whom it hurts more than others. For example, pre-existing financial and social vulnerabilities are deepened in these times. The lockdown to contain the virus has caused major disturbances in the day-to-day food supply which are being felt even at an individual level. Procurement, distribution, pricing – fluctuations in these related systems are deeply impacting low-income households and last-mile communities. 

Here at Sight and Life, we understand the critically important role that nutrition plays in a child’s life, significantly influencing a child’s survival and impacting their future potential. This is why as soon as the lockdown was imposed, we coordinated the donation of Sizanani Mzanzi’s instant fortified cereal, Level Up. This product reached around 600 children attending early learning centers run by Bambanani, a South African NGO supporting children from marginalized communities, and was distributed to children and their families by Savanna Lodge, a private game farm and dedicated to helping the local villages where many of their staff live in South Africa.

There are many hungry bellies to feed around the world and we are just scratching the surface. Through partnerships with NGOs, we provided nutritious food to 1500 children suffering from moderate acute malnutrition and delivered grocery kits with fortified staples to nearly 300 migrant workers and their families in India. These efforts are ensuring that the nutritional needs are met, beyond just filling stomachs.

We need your support to reach many more children and their families and support local partners like Bambanani. Together, we can ensure that in the wake of this global pandemic, we are not only filling hungry tummies but also providing vital vitamins and minerals necessary for optimal health and development.

Please read on to know more about our efforts across India, Rwanda and South Africa, and how you can help.
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We are reaching last-mile communities in South Africa with a donation of Level Up, a cereal fortified with 13 vitamins and 4 minerals, through our longstanding partners Bambanani and Savanna Lodge.
Take a look at a proposed five-point plan to put nutrition-sensitive policy measures in place to combat the adverse effects of COVID-19 in India, a strategy from two intellects dedicated to nutrition. 
In Rwanda, we donated Super Cereal, a porridge fortified with micronutrients, to 600 families in need. Find out more about our outreach to the last mile populations in the story by The New Times in Rwanda.
Across many states in India, we have partnered with grassroots NGOs to donate grocery kits and nutritious food to the affected communities.

Our latest blog post shares the science behind nutrition and immunity. Read this two-part feature   titled The Role of Nutrition in the Immune System by Breda Gavin-Smith, Global Public Health Nutrition Manager for Sight and Life, to discover the importance of vitamins and minerals and how they support the immune system.

In the blog post titled The Convergence of COVID-19, Climate Change and Malnutrition Klaus Kraemer, Managing Director for Sight and Lifeshares his insight on why we need to act now.
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