February: Genetic 'fingerprint' identified for spread of prostate cancer

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Genetic 'fingerprint' identified for spread of prostate cancer

Researchers funded through Prostate Cancer Canada have uncovered the full set of mutations that can occur in prostate cancer. The Canadian Prostate Cancer Genome Network (CPC-GENE) has published  findings from the world's most comprehensive genetic analysis of prostate cancer tumours in the journal Nature. Led by Drs. Robert Bristow of the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and Paul Boutros of the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, the CPC-GENE team was able to create a new signature that predicts at an early stage whether a prostate cancer tumour will become aggressive or not, allowing for personalized treatment.

Through funding of approximately $20 million, research of this magnitude has been made possible through a partnership between PCC, the Movember Foundation, and the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research.
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BRCA2 gene implicated in rare but lethal prostate cancer

Again thanks to the loyal support of PCC donors, Canadian scientists have discovered a link between an inherited mutation in the BRCA2 gene and a deadly form of prostate cancer. Funded by Prostate Cancer Canada and led by Dr. Robert Bristow of the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto, the findings were published in Nature Communications. Known more commonly for its role in breast and ovarian cancers, healthy BRCA2 genes protect against tumours by producing proteins that help repair damaged genes. Mutations in these genes, however, can result in gene damage that does not get repaired properly and leads to aggressive cancers.

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Canadian businesses will climb the tallest towers in Canada's biggest cities with the Step Up Challenge and help lead the fight against prostate cancer.

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Are you ready for the 2017 Do It For Dads Walk Run? Show your support for the men in your life this Father’s Day at this Walk/Run. Our fun, family-friendly event is a wonderful tradition that raises awareness and funds for the most common cancer affecting Canadian men and the families that love them.
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