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Welcome Back to Bowmore!

SchoolCan you believe summer is over? Where did it go?

To make the transition back to school a little easier, we’ve put together some information in this message, including school schedules, classroom lists, and other information that should help your family manage the first week back smoothly.

Also, please note that a number of parent roles on Bowmore School Council are available for self-nomination. If you would like to fill any of these roles, or to be a member-at-large, please read the information below and submit your nomination form to the school office no later than end of day September 11. We're also always looking for volunteers for various activities throughout the year - now is a great time to get engaged!

This year our school community welcomes a new principal, Thelma Sambrook, to Bowmore. Ms. Sambrook comes to us from her previous posting at Summit Heights PS in North York, where she devoted her considerable energy and passion to championing student success across all grades and for all students. Please join us in extending a warm Bowmore welcome to Principal Sambrook!

This summer we put together a new School Council website that will serve as a home base for the Bowmore parent community. On this site we’ll be posting archived newsletters, various School Council forms, a calendar of school events, and links to our social media. The new address is Please bookmark this site and return often!

Also, if you know any Bowmore parents who have not subscribed to our email list, please take a moment to forward them this email and encourage them to sign up at the link at By joining the email list, you ensure that you're always on top of everything that’s going on at our very busy school! Thank you - we wish you and your family a very happy school year at Bowmore!

Remember - we’re always happy to hear from you - contact us any time year-round at

In This Issue:

Bowmore Daily Schedule

AlarmSet your alarms!

Kindergarten AM Start/Finish  9:00 a.m.-11:30 a.m. (Entry 5 minutes prior to start of day) 
Kindergarten PM Start/Finish   12:45 p.m. – 3:15 p.m. (Entry 5 minutes prior to start of day)

Grades 1 through 6 (Primary & Junior)
Yard Supervision: 8:30 - 8:45 am 
Start : 8:45 am (Entry 5 minutes prior to start of day) 
Lunch: 11:30 am to 12:30 pm
End of day: 3:10 pm
Remedial: 3:10 pm to 3:40 pm
Grades 7 & 8 (Senior):
Yard Supervision: 8:40 - 8:56 am
Start: 8:56 am (Entry 5 minutes prior to start of day) 
Lunch: 11:32 am to 12:30 pm
End of Day: 3:06 pm
Remedial: 3:06 pm - 3:40 pm

Reminder: First Day Packages

RegistrationCheck your kids' backpacks for the Bowmore First Day Packages. These include important information for parents on school and board policies, forms that need to be filled out (for contact information, school and student safety and security, lunch room usage and monitoring, etc). Please make sure to read the package and send back any forms required as soon as possible!

If you are missing a Bowmore First Day Package, please check with your child’s teacher or with the office for a copy.

Welcome Back (Parents) Coffee

CoffeeTuesday, September 4 starting at 8:30 am

Join School Council on the first day back for a coffee and some chit chat. It's been a long summer and we'd like to welcome back parents to Bowmore!

Stay and chat with some School Council members about what you'd like to see in the upcoming school year, ideas you have for fundraising or events, how you can volunteer on Council, and ask any questions about Bowmore, the school and the neighbourhood.

School Council self nomination forms will be available for those who’d like to join the Council.

QSP Magazine Fundraiser

MagazinesQSP Magazine sales is one of the biggest fundraising activities held at Bowmore. The kick-off assembly will be held on September 26 at the school and packages with additional details will be sent home on that day. Save your renewals or order new magazines by the campaign deadline (campaign runs Sept. 26 - Oct. 10) and qualify for fun prizes for your kids! If you can’t wait, order now at (use Bowmore group # 9141) and your kids will still be eligible for prizes!

The challenge is on to see if we can beat the over $9,000 we raised last year! This fundraiser helps to pay for your child's class enrichment programs like Scientists in School, field trip buses, and more!
QSP offers newsstand discounts on just about any magazine you or your family members read, like Owl, Chickadee, Chirp, Discover, Chatelaine, Reader's Digest, Sports Illustrated, Runner's World, Canadian House & Home, Fashion, Maclean's, The Walrus.... and many more! Magazines make great holiday gifts for family members and friends! Get a head start on your holiday shopping while benefiting our school!

If you have any questions about QSP, please email us at

School Organization for 2012-13

TeachersBelow are the classroom teacher assignments as announced in the June newsletter. Please note that these are subject to change, depending on reorganization, classroom numbers or changes in staff availability.

You can find your child's room placement for 2012-13 indicated in the Learning Skills section of the June report card.

JK/SK – Rm 4 – Darlene Malette
JK/SK – Rm 12 – Kathy Korimsek
JK/SK am – Rm 9 – Erin Kalogris
Gr 1 – Rm 14 - Chad Waterman
Gr 1 – Rm 5 – Maureen Moodie
Gr 1/2 – Rm 2 – Bruce Goldberg
Gr 2/3 - Rm 13 – Sara Erskine
Gr 2/3 – Rm 11 – Jenn Parkins
Gr 3 – Rm 10 – Christina Varga
Gr 4 – Rm 24 – Bob Comendador
Gr 4/5 – Rm 21 – Kara Del Aguila
Gr 5 – Rm 19 – Lisa Scott
Gr 6 – Rm 202 - Pramila David
Gr. 6 – Rm 204 - Leah Jarvis
Special Ed
Pr HSP – Rm 8 – Linda Spina
Jr HSP/Pr Resource – Rm 20 – Heather Kingsley
Pr. Communications – Rm 3 – Cheryl Hutchko
Jr. LD – Rm 25 – Graham Seater
Gr 4 Gifted – Room 27 – Denise Mumford
Gr 4/5 Gifted – Rm 26 – Maxine Harrilal
Gr 5/6 Gifted – Rm 201– Cathy Gatt
Gr 7/8 Gifted – Rm 208 – David Freeman
Gr 7/8 Gifted– Rm 209 – Myra Partridge
Gr 7/8 HSP/Resource – Rm 303 – Peter Gazzellone
Gr 7/8 LD – Rm 310 – Yogita Ramphal
Gr 7/8 LD – Rm 312 – Dale Davis
Homeroom teachers indicated below will be the key contact for parents of students in the corresponding class
Grade 7/8
Gr 70 – Rm 302 – Eryn O’Neil
Gr 71 – Rm 305 – Matthew Norris
Gr. 80 – Rm 311 – Michelle Baker
Gr 81 – Rm 306 – Kelly Ryan
Extended French
Gr 7 E-F – Rm 102 – Raffi Sekdorian
Gr 7 E-F – Rm 107 – Jim Smith
Gr.8 E-F – Rm 106 – Janice Slaght

Bowmore will continue to have a full-time teacher-librarian, Debra Polgrain. Music classes will be taught by specialist teachers, Paul Butters and Marisa Prince. Primary and Senior Phys. Ed. classes will be taught by designated HPE teachers. We will continue to have a part-time Guidance Counsellor on site, Kelley Miller-Caise.

School Council Self-Nominations: We Need You!

SupportKey Executive Positions Available
Are you thinking about joining School Council this year? School Council needs your help! September nominations are for key positions on the Executive. To nominate yourself, download this form, fill it out and drop it off in the school office no later than September 11. Printed forms are also available in the school office, and will be available at the School Council “Welcome Back Coffee” table on the first day of school.

Key positions for September elections:

Chair or Co-Chairs - Provide leadership and guidance to the Executive Committee and liaise with the Principal and Vice Principal on School Council related school matters. Responsibilities also include overseeing School Council initiatives and providing guidance and support to sub-committees, chairing School Council meetings (minimum of four per a year) including leading the development of meeting agendas, and representing School Council at various external TDSB meetings.

Treasurer - The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining the School Council financial records including issuing cheques, making bank deposits, preparing financial statements (including annual statement to TDSB) and bank account reconciliation. The Treasurer is a signatory on the bank account. The Treasurer also provides administrative support to School Council fundraising endeavours. Key candidate requirements include comfort with and basic understanding of bookkeeping and accounting principles.

Secretary - The Secretary attends and takes minutes at each School Council meeting. The Secretary prepares these minutes for draft review before each subsequent meeting, and works with the Communications Coordinator to ensure their publication in approved form on the School Council website.

Fundraising Chair - The Fundraising Chair organizes fundraising activities, by coordinating and implementing a fundraising plan that is decided upon by School Council by the end of October. Funds raised in this role are key to student enrichment activities at Bowmore.
Ward 16 Representative - Attends Ward 16 Trustee meetings and reports on learnings at School Council meetings.

Communications Coordinator - Manages website, e-blasts, social media and School Council newsletter submissions.

Members-at-Large - Participates in Council work as needed, occasionally spearheading specific projects as determined by Council.

But that’s not all! Other roles may be developed depending on school needs and applicant's interests and skills. Examples of such roles implemented to date include Movie Night Coordinator, Green Team Lead, Communications Support and QSP Support.

Don't have time for an Executive role, but want to volunteer? In addition to these Executive Council roles, we are always in need of dedicated parent volunteers who can provide support in a variety of ways, including Pizza Lunch Volunteer, Movie Night Volunteer, Fundraising Volunteers and much more! Please think about your interests and time availability, and contact us at if you would like to discuss ways you can help. We have lots of ideas for ways parents can help at Bowmore!

How Bowmore School Council Raises & Allocates Funds

FundraisingIn addition to advising our school principal on parent wishes throughout the school year and liaising with parents, staff, administration and public officials to ensure student success, Bowmore School Council raises funds throughout the year, to support student learning enrichment activities at Bowmore.

To give you an idea of how we raise funds and how these parent funds are spent, below are the condensed financials from last year. To read last year's full report, visit and click on the link to the Annual Report.

The main fundraising revenue sources for 2011-12 were:
RAI S E D (N E T )
QSP Magazine Sales 9,597.30
Curriculum Night 214.16
Movie Night 2,215.23
Pizza Lunch 4,338.58
Mom to Mom 788.51
Morning Coffee Donations 127.49
Winter Concert 1,744.55
Bowmore Rocks! 5,003.38
Spring Concert 1,618.52
Carnival 5,618.41
TO TA L 31, 266. 13
A planned budget is voted on at the start of each school year. Other funding requests from teachers and school administration are considered throughout the year and voted upon at each meeting. Additionally, School Council polls parents at the start of each school year to determine majority preference for how we should be prioritizing funding.

The main Bowmore School Council funding allocations for 2011-12 included:
Brain Pop 195.00
Scientists in the School 2,989.00
Artists in the Classroom 2,000.00
Prologue Theatre 3,000.00
Ski Trip Bus 500.00
Math Olympics 200.00
Music 5,290.72
Athletics 628.49
Buses to Outings – Primary Grades 954.53
Kindergarten Trip – Round the Bend 719.90
Grade 8 Grad 184.61
Classroom Fans 984.23
McMichael Art 352.00
Junior School Allocation 45.15
Outreach & Refreshments 193.69
Funded by School Council (Misc) 529.61
Outdoor Eco Day Planting 394.98
TO TA L 19, 161. 91

Make That Lunch Litter-Free Please!

LunchBowmore students, teachers and parents have been working hard to retain our school’s "Eco-Gold" certification!

School lunches are a major source of waste in Ontario with the average student’s lunch generating a total of 30 kilograms of waste per school year. This means that an average of 8,500 kilograms (18,700 lbs) of waste is trucked to landfill from each school every year- that's the weight of two full-grown elephants!

Please help by ensuring that your child brings a litter-free lunch to school each day. Avoid ziplock bags and foil-wrapped individual packaging: Reusable containers, washable cloth napkins, refillable bottles and simple metal cutlery are healthier & cheaper over time. Save money, and the planet too!

Click here for more tips on how to reduce waste in your child's lunch.


  • September 20 - Curriculum Night and Scholastic Book Sale
  • September 19 - Senior School Camp Wahanowin Information Night, 6-7 pm
    (Camp dates October 9 -11)
Dates for the kick-off School Council meeting and first Movie Night of the year will soon be announced via the eblast, Facebook & website - stay tuned!
Bowmore School Council

Who are we?

Bowmore School Council is made up of parent volunteers who represent the interests of parents/guardians and students at Bowmore Rd Jr & Sr School. We advise the principal on a variety of issues and activities affecting our school. We also fundraise for school enrichment activities. If you have a child at Bowmore, you have a voice and a vote at Council!
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TDSB School Year Calendar

TDSB Elementary Schools:

Labour Day: Sept 3
Thanksgiving: Oct 8
PA Day: Nov 16
PA Day: Dec 7
Winter Break: Dec 24 - Jan 4 (last day of school is Dec 21; school resumes Jan 7)
PA Day: Jan 25
PA Day: Feb 15
Family Day: Feb 18
March Break: Mar 11 - 15
Good Friday: Mar 29
Easter Monday: April 1
Victoria Day: May 20
PA Day: June 7
PA Day: June 28

School year: Sept 4, 2012 to June 28, 2013, inclusive.
The last day of classes for elementary students is June 27, 2013.

Bowmore Cafeteria Servery Closed

School Council learned over the summer that the servery in the Bowmore school cafeteria will not be reopening this school year. This is a result of the new TDSB budget cuts that were passed at the end of June. Trustees report that closing all cafeterias with revenues under $250/day (the break-even point) will save $600,000 in the next school year.
Read about the decision here

Magazine Sales for Bowmore
QSP Magazine Subscriptions Support Bowmore - Group # 9141
Order year-round!
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