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Christmas Greetings!
We hope you’re doing well and enjoying the last days this year has to offer us. We believe we’re living in a significant point in our world history and we’re excited to be a part of it. Time seems to be accelerating and we are being bombarded each day with new information and an increased media presence. Never before have we been so connected through social networks and fast communication. In all this there is great opportunity and danger. There is still a great need for people to get connected to their Creator and Savior. We are seeing people hunger for truth and respond to the good news of the Gospel in all our outreach efforts!  

Many of you have given generously and carried us in prayer this year. With grateful hearts we wanted to give you just a glimpse of some of the fruit that has come from the ministries we're working with. 

Through the Call2all Movement we are seeing ministries connect in new ways and this is expediting the evangelization of unreached people groups like never before. Here is a report of commitments made at our leadership congresses in 2013:
---Call2all Report----
2013 Call2all Commitments by partner ministries to be accomplished by the year 2020.
# prayer houses    # reached       # church plants    # UUPGs   #Compassion
31,883                 322,091,945    318,877               8,698         65,111

Also the Impact World Tour is continuing to make an impact in America and around the world.  Here is the report on our activity in the US just in 2013:
---IWT Report---

Heard the Gospel     Responded
16,561                      1,829

YWAM Kansas City (our new training base) has been busy sending teams of young people in the US and abroad preaching the gospel, healing the sick, and planting churches:
---YWAM KC Report---

Gospel Heard    Salvations     Healings    Churches Planted
14733               3921             745           12
It feels like a lot of change this year as Alex our youngest turned 5. FIVE! Payton will be 8 in just 2 weeks, and we can hardly believe it. They’re both growing into the most beautiful, smart, witty, funny young ladies and it’s our privilege to guide and teach them. They teach us more about life and God and ourselves (particularly our weaknesses) more than anything else ever has. Payton is currently in the 2nd grade and Alex is in pre-K – both homeschooled. When basketball finished, Payton wanted to try a trampoline class, so she’s now doing that while Alex has continued with her “tots” gymnastics class. 
Some heartbreak came to us this year when Joel’s Grandpa died this summer, and then a month later we heard of the loss a young friend battling cancer (whom we had staffed her DTS). Reminders that life is fragile. We know not the number of days we have left, so we are determined in our hearts to make them count for all of eternity. 
God has fulfilled many promises this year. One promise has been the release of property for more missionary training. We believe 2014 will be a significant year for the mobilization and release of more missionaries onto the field with the goal of completing the great commission in our lifetime. 2014 will be a time of rapid increase, and 2015 a year of launching, strengthening and supporting more works released throughout Asia and across the globe. This year we saw unprecedented breakthroughs with a property purchase for a YWAM Campaign extension campus in Thailand. And we aren’t even allowed to share the news from the Philippines or on US soil yet, so keep checking our updates for exciting news in the coming year! God is moving and we are trying to just keep pace with Him! God is beckoning for His lost ones to come and join His call. He will establish His Kingdom and He will shake everything that is not of Him. 

If you don’t read anything else in this letter, read this:
In the year 2014, YWAM KC is offering tuition free DTS for those that want to come and get trained to be a part of this call to the whole earth. If you yourself or someone you know has been considering a DTS, come and be a part of what God is doing on the earth in this present day! Contact us for more info. That is a very generous offer!

We close this end of the year update with one final request:
We ask that you would prayerfully consider giving to our ministry before 2013 ends. We know that you have lots of options for charitable giving for tax purposes, and we humbly ask that you would not forget us. For the last 13 years we have supported our entire family and ministry from the generosity of our partners. We rely on our “senders” for our very practical needs. The role of sender is more than a source of funding -- it is a partnership that will leave a legacy unto eternity. So let us know if you’d like to give an end of the year gift or would like to join our monthly partner team in 2014!

In these last days, God wants to mobilize more people and finances towards His vision and call. We testify that He has been faithful to our family and we trust He will continue to be as we boldly take on the new assignments He has for us. Thank you. 


Joel, Naomi, Payton, and Alex 

You can give directly to us and get a tax deductible receipt by following this link.

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Copyright © 2013 Joel and Naomi McGill, All rights reserved.

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