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Expanding our reach to brighten more futures

All our houses are occupied and almost full! Our children live in small groups with a mother who takes care of them day and night. Together they decide the house chores and discuss the house rules. See below our latest short video with an overview of our newly build child welfare center.

One of the houses is dedicated to caring for children with special medical conditions. These children come from remote areas throughout Lombok. They stay at Peduli Anak temporarily while waiting for or undergoing treatment.

The Peduli Anak school has started its new school year. Students living at Peduli Anak follow regular schedules and activities, whereas students from the villages continue to study from home for now. 

Unfortunately, we are still closed to volunteers and general visitors. 

The staff who go in and out of the center must follow COVID protocols such as temperature check, mask-wearing, and hand washing. Staff with flu-like symptoms will be asked to stay at home until they have completely recovered. We cannot implement the work-from-home system due to the nature of our work. 

Besides the staff, we also taught the children about the COVID protocols and keep stressing the importance of personal health and hygiene. They also take YOUVIT multivitamins daily to keep their immune system as strong as possible.

Life at Peduli Anak

Even though our activities and movement are limited due to the pandemic, all of us at Peduli Anak still enjoy the little new things in our day to day life. 

We teach the little ones how to separate organic and non-organic trash. We also put new trash bins at every corner of our campus. The collected organic waste is used as compost, whereas the non-organic waste will be recycled or combusted.

We also installed 8 drinking stations throughout the center thanks to the Vincentiusvereniging 's-Hertogenbosch and Nynke Landman who sponsored and supported the waterfiltering system. And Hanno & Wien Riegen for sponsoring the drilling and installation of the new deep water well. At home the children can now drink from the tap, which is something rare to find in Indonesia. This is all thanks to our water filtration system that produces even cleaner water than the regular water gallon sold in the shops!

For those who love eating mangoes, we just planted plenty of mango trees! 

The New Children In The Playground

Last but not least, our big family continues to expand. This year alone we have welcome 50 children who now call Peduli Anak their home. Their start in life has been rough, but they share one goal: to fulfill their dreams! And just like other children their age, they love to spend their time playing, especially in our wonderful playground sponsored by Eelco Keune, Remko Tel, and supported by Justin Edwards from Playpoint - Kompan Asia.

Our Northstar Organic Farm 

We are very grateful that our Northstar sponsored organic garden produces a variety of nutritious vegetables and fruits. This time around, the children worked together to harvest about 40 kg of peanuts with great enthusiasm and big smiles.

Beans covered with soil are immediately washed with water.

The children were also enthusiastic about getting into the sponsored fish pond. Apart from the organic garden, we also have a fish pond filled with catfish.

The older children descend into the pond to catch some big fish. In our kitchen, these fish will be cooked and are a favorite item on the lunch menu of the children.

In addition to our organic garden, we are also preparing a hydroponic garden. Hydroponics is a form of gardening that uses no soil, but instead grows plants in a solution of water and nutrients. A hydroponic system can grow plants and vegetables faster and year-round. Plants grown this way usually yield more, require less space, and conserve soil and water. We love to explore any possibilities to grow our own food!

School Facilities

We have a new computer lab! Twenty brand new computers with internet connection are ready to help our young learners in this digital age. 

Our students learn to use the computer and the internet. But most importantly, we also teach them to use it responsibly, especially when it comes to social media and information they find online. 

We refurbished the 11 year old school desks with teak wood. They look like brand new desks now! However, as the number of classes and students increases, we still need to buy more school tables. 
Rice Donation from Dapur Berkah


Peduli Anak and Dapur Berkah partnered for the donation of a one-year rice supply for Peduli Anak! Dapur Berkah will send rice monthly according to our needs. 

Dapur Berkah’s motto “the beauty of giving” encourage us to share our blessings with those in need. 

Our Children Go To University
This year, four children are going to university. Congratulations to Ramli, Elma, Nining, and Irsyad. They are attending several colleges and universities in Mataram, Lombok for a Diploma or Bachelor's degree. 

In accordance with his previous study at Tourism High School, Ramli now pursues a diploma in Tourism at Mataram School of Tourism. 

Next, we have Elma who chose to major in Visual Communication Design at Bumi Gora University, Mataram. 

Nining will start her study at Mandalika University, majoring in English.

Irsyad, who was diagnosed with dyslexia and dyscalculia, went against all odds and passed the test to attend the tourism program in a top school in the province, Mataram University. 

Help for Seriously ill Children

This year, we are putting a special focus on helping children who need immediate medical attention. These children come from impoverished families, live in remote areas in Lombok or are completely orphaned, making it even more difficult to get proper treatment.

Currently, we are helping 50 children who need elaborate surgeries due to birth defects, malnutrition, and other serious conditions. Such as Congenital Heart Disease Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF), Hirschsprung's disease, hydrocephalus, and cleft lip.

Ahmad is an orphan with a heart defect (TOF). Currently he is in Peduli Anak's care. Unfortunately, his condition is getting worse and he requires surgery immediately. We are collecting money for his surgery here:

Similar to Ahmad, Dende also needs immediate medical attention due to a heart defect. The oxygen saturation in her blood is only between SPo2 50% to 60%. She is very weak and needs surgery as soon as possible. Also for Dende's heart surgery we are collecting money here:

Teguh, a child with Hirschprung’s disease, has undergone his first surgery to remove excess waste which had buildup in his intestines during his life. 

His second surgery is scheduled in the upcoming months. Good news for Teguh his second surgery is fully funded.

Mirza, a baby with hydrocephalus (buildup of fluid in the brain), is recovering after her surgery.

Baby Fatilah will get her cleft lip and pallet surgery soon. Her first surgery is fully funded. The surgeon expects she needs multiple surgeries in the future. 

During the treatment and recovery period, these sick children stay at Peduli Anak for easy access to the hospital and a clean living environment. In order to help them recover completely, we still need a lot of money for their surgeries, especially for Ahmad and Dende. Their situation is serious and urgent, and their highly specialized surgeries can only be carried out in Jakarta and Bali at high cost.

Project: Wheelchairs for Children with Disabilities

Weak economic conditions often mean that children with disabilities are neglected and forgotten. Those whose condition is more severe, such as children with cerebral palsy, get almost no medical treatment or attention and left to spend their day lying on the floor.

Therefore, Peduli Anak is helping them by creating a 100 wheelchairs project. A number of children have already benefited from this project. Soon we hope to help more of them.

Project: Help Malnutrition Babies

Concerned about the number of malnourished babies in Lombok, Peduli Anak is helping them by providing supplementary food, milk, and vitamins.

This project aims to help 1000 Lombok babies be free from malnutrition and living a healthy life. 

Sumbawa Projects

Peduli Anak extended its reach to Sumbawa - the island to the east of Lombok. We are currently working together to provide assistance to the Al Balaad Foundation in Taliwang and the Al Mizan Foundation in Sumbawa Besar. The assistance we provide includes operational costs, renovation of the children home, and buying furniture and equipment to improve the lives of the children.

Through this collaboration we hope to help more children who need a home and education. 

We are fundraising right now for the new Peduli Anak Center for Child Welfare in Sumbawa City, Lopok. The land has been purchased and the plan is to built next year 6 children homes, a primary and secondary schools and clinic on the 8000m2 land. This new big project will not only help hundreds of children in need from Sumbawa but will also make us the leading child welfare organization in West Nusa Tenggara.

Please contact us if you would like to become involved and part of the new Sumbawa project. 

We Help a Hindu Children Home

Dharma Laksana center is the only children home on Lombok island that specifically accommodates disadvantaged children from Hindu families. The center also runs a school where children can attend free of charge. At the moment they are running over capacity plus their main building needs a lot of repairs and is currently deemed unsafe. 

Peduli Anak is helping the center by repairing their dormitory for boys and girls. 

The Governor’s Wife Visits Peduli Anak

We recently received a visit from the wife of the Governor of the West Nusa Tenggara province, Mrs. Niken Saptarini. She didn't just visit, she also organized a session with the children to share information about the prevention of COVID-19 transmission. 

We are looking for child sponsors

With new children moving into Peduli Anak, 47 children are currently without a sponsor. Help us to support them with livelihood, education, and healthcare.

How can you help more? Here is our list of needs:

•    By sponsoring one or more children here
•    Buying books for our library
•    Sport equipment
•    Getting involved with the Sumbawa project, email us if you want to help

Or supporting directly one of our current running campaigns/projects here:

Food for Emergency

One thing we want to do is to stock up on food in anticipation of emergencies and disasters. Lombok is prone to natural disasters and with the current pandemic. It is our responsibility to ensure that we can always feed our children if our food supply were to suddenly be cut off. 
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