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Less than 24 Hours

We are now less than 24 hours away from the start of Deal in the District. Have you RSVP'd yet? We are in a critical situation. The Senate hasn't passed a budget in over 900 days, the Super Committee is set to release their deficit reduction plan next week, and we are expecting more of the same. Budget gimmicks that allow them to claim spending cuts will not cut it, we are demanding REAL CUTS in spending. This is the time to show up. Tell your family and your friends the time to stand up for America is now. For details of the activities and materials for tomorrow, see the information below.
No more gimmicks. No more lies.
Make REAL CUTS and prioritize.
Still need the details? Here you go. 
(Click here for more information)

  • Date: Thursday, November 17, 2011.
  • Time: 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. (in your local time zone).
    Note: Please visit the office at any time on Thursday if you can’t go at noon.
  • Location: Your local Representative’s office. (Click here to find yours)
You're in? Here are the steps you need to take.
  1. RSVP here.
  2. Send this Deal in the District page to your members, friends, neighbors, family, etc. 
  3. Learn about what REAL CUTS look like here, before you visit your Congressman. There are materials and resources on this page that you can download and print out.
  4. Spread the word about this event on Facebook and Twitter. Use the hashtag #realcuts if you are tweeting about the event.
Don't Forget...
  • We want REAL spending cuts. No more gimmicks, no more lies. Make REAL CUTS and prioritize!
  • Increasing spending more slowly than someone else is still increasing spending.
  • When you increase spending by $5 and then cut $3, you haven’t made a cut. Your total spending is still $2 higher than it was before. This is a gimmick. Stop it. Now.
  • If you say you’re cutting $3, then cut $3. This year. (And in case it’s not clear to your Rep., $3 is an example. A whole lot more than $3 needs to be cut!)
  • All of the so-called cuts passed by Congress always get spread out over ten years, but this Congress has no authority over the next Congress and those cuts from this year can easily be overturned. Therefore, real cuts are cuts that occur within in the same fiscal year.
  • Our country’s national debt has now surpassed our Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Now is the time for real cuts, not fake cuts.
  • We see what is happening to Greece and Italy, and to the Eurozone in general. It is the responsibility of elected officials to make REAL CUTS now.

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