We need to stand up to big-government sell-outs like Lindsey Graham.  We need to show him that we can fight back.

Dear Patriot,

Left-wing “Republican” Lindsey Graham has been all over national television  proclaiming that the immigration amnesty bill will get “over 70 votes.”

He practically mocked conservative grassroots Americans like you and me.  He practically dared us to stop this horrible bill!

Please make a generous emergency donation of $10, $15, $20, $30 or whatever you can afford to the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund today.

We need to stand up to big-government sell-outs like Lindsey Graham.  We need to show him that we can fight back.

We need to defeat this big-government amnesty bill.

Liberal “Republicans” like Lindsey Graham believe that the only way to win elections is to sell out to the big-government Democrats.

That’s why Graham and his allies are prancing around the country screaming about how taxpayers like you and me need to pay billions more in welfare, healthcare, and education spending for eleven million amnestied immigrants.

He says the Republican Party is in a “death spiral” because people like you and me won’t support a practically unconditional illegal immigrant amnesty.


The Republican Party is in terrible shape because of unprincipled compromisers like Lindsey Graham!

We have to beat Lindsey Graham’s amnesty bill.  We have to show him that grassroots conservatives have had enough of his left-wing treachery.

And then, after we’ve beaten back this latest drive for amnesty, we have to make sure Lindsey Graham doesn’t win the Republican nomination for reelection!

Please make the very best donation to the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund you possibly can.

We are going all out to defeat this bill.  And then we plan to go all out to defeat Lindsey Graham!

Unfortunately though, Graham is right about one thing.

On this issue of this big-government amnesty, conservatives are losing.

That’s why I need your help TODAY!

We need to ramp up our grassroots lobbying effort.  We need to recruit more and more Tea Party volunteers to call their Senators and to visit their local offices.

We need to run ads against this nearly 1,200 page amnesty monstrosity!

Please, don’t let Lindsey Graham and his fellow “Republicans” win.  

Help me stand up and fight.  Help me beat this amnesty bill.

Help me show Lindsey Graham that the conservative grassroots will have their revenge!

Thank you in advance for everything you do.


Jenny Beth Martin