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Dear Patriot,

We are off to a great start with our efforts to end the left’s abuse of recall elections starting with Wisconsin.  However, we have a long way to go and not much time.

Here is the latest:

We are are deploying hundreds of volunteers into each of the targeted recall districts.  That’s 4,000 patriots going door to door and making phone calls!

Our goal is to educate the voters in those key areas that Governor Walker’s policies are working and that turning back the clock on these reforms will bankrupt Wisconsin and lead to more economic misery.

This will be Tea Party Patriot’s most advanced voter education effort ever.  We want to absolutely flood these targeted areas of Wisconsin with Tea Party citizen-volunteers.

Because of the generous support of Patriots like you, we have raised two-thirds of our $300,000 goal.  However, we are still $100,000 short of our fundraising goal for this historic project.

Will you please make a generous contribution of $15, $25, $35, $50, $100, $250 or more to help Tea Party Patriots pay for this massive grassroots campaign?

We only have  25 days left before the first recall elections and we need to raise this addition $100,000 to pay for transportation, food and lodging for all the patriots who are traveling to Wisconsin in order to campaign door to door.

Please, make the most generous contribution you can right now.  Time is very, very short.

We can’t wait until a week before the recall election to raise all this money.  We need it now so that we can put all these patriots to work in Wisconsin as soon as possible.

The Democrats and their left-wing allies already have thousands of activists campaigning in Wisconsin.  They’ve flown in professional organizers from all across America to roll back the courageous fiscal reforms Wisconsin policymakers have made.  We cannot sit idly by while the left intimidates elected officials who are successfully fighting for Tea Party principles.

The left is spending millions on attack ads and hate-filled mailers.  If the lefts Washington, DC based election machine successfully recalls Wisconsin officials they will be unstoppable.  Wisconsin will become the lefts new blueprint to push their agenda in nearly every state – maybe even your state!  

And that would be a disaster for America.

The Tea Party must fight back.  This is one of the most important political battles of our lifetime.

Please make the most generous contribution you possibly can right away.

We have scores of patriot volunteers ready to defend limited government in Wisconsin.  Now all we need is to the money to help put them to work!

Thank you in advance for standing with the Tea Party movement.  You are true friend and patriot!

And don't forget, please click here to register for tomorrow's Tele Town Hall featuring Rep. Paul Ryan who will be speaking on the importance of the current battle in Wisconsin. 

For Liberty,
Jenny Beth Martin, Co-Founder and National Coordinator
And the National Coordinator Team

P.S.: The very best way to help Tea Party Patriots win in Wisconsin is through our First Brigade Program.  Just click here to learn about how you can make a regular monthly contribution to Tea Party Patriots.

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