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Weekly Webinar | Tonight 11.21.11 | 9pm EDT

In this update:
Local Coordinator Webinar Tonight at 9pm EDT
Instructions for Logging into Local Coordinator Webinar and Chatzy
Local Coordinators:

There is a webinar tonight. We will begin at 9pm EDT. If this is your first time on the call, please see the instructions below. You will have to register and be online (at a computer) in order to participate in the call.

Webinar Password: patriotswatch
Chatzy Password: redbarn (see below for further instructions)

Webinar Information:
  1. Guest Speaker – James Carafano – The Heritage Foundation – Defense Spending
  2. Legislative Update – Keli Carender
  3. Supreme Court Rally and Vote
  4. Vote: Elena Kagan - Should she recuse herself?
  5. Webinar Schedule: Sundays or Mondays? Discussion... you decide.
  6. Conservative Leadership Summit
  7. Questions, Comments, Feedback

Talk to you soon!

Jenny Beth

Tea Party Patriots, National Coordinator

The best way to reach me is to email with Local Coordinator in the subject line or text message: 770-878-1550.


Register here: 
Password: patriotswatch




Password: redbarn


Chatzy Instructions:

  1. Register: If you haven't registered for Chatzy you will have to do that first. You must enter your email address for registration. After you complete the registration form you will receive an email from Chatzy that contains your password. Remember this password.
  2. Login: Go to The first screen requires you to enter your email address and the password that was assigned to you at registration. If you don't remember the password, click "forgot password" and it will send a new password. On the second page you need to enter your alias and the password assigned by Tea Party Patriots for the chat. This password is found above in this email.
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We have our weekly Nationwide Leadership Council Call Mondays at 9:00 pm eastern. Use the following link to participate:

 The password to get into the webinar can be found in the "Login Information" section above.

Not sure if you are a member of the Nationwide Leadership Council? 
Are you a local coordinator of a local tea party or 912 groups?  Then you are a member of the Nationwide Leadership Council.

Why do we have these calls each week?
Tea Party Patriots is a grassroots, bottom-up organization. Our best ideas come from thelocal coordinators and grassroots supporters.  Before deciding on a national course of action unless it is extremely time sensitive information, Tea Party Patriots National Coordinators run ideas by the Local Coordinators and Nationwide Leadership Council for refinement and approval.

What happens on the call?  
Generally, in the first 30 minutes the National Coordinators give an update from the national scene, announcements are made, proposed projects are thrown out, and legislative updates are given.  We do our very best to get the announcements out of the way in the very beginning.  Next, we discuss any upcoming projects or ideas.  This is an open discussion and anyone can participate in it and all are encouraged to do so.  Then we open the call for general questions.  You can ask any question here that you need answered.  We also do polls to get your feedback during the call and so you can see what others are thinking as well.

How do I participate?  We use gotowebinar for these calls.  You can listen from your phone or from the speakers on your computer. 
For Go to Webinar:
You need to register for the call by filling out this form:

  • After filling out the form, you will receive an email with a link to join the call.
  • Click that link and GotoWebinar will install software on your computer to allow you to join the call.
  • After the software is on your computer, you can do one of 2 things to hear and talk on the call:
    1. You can listen and participate on the call via your computer. You will need speakers and a microphone or a headset that has earphone(s) and a microphone. If you don't have a microphone you can listen on your computer, but you will not be able to participate on the call.
    2. *Recommended for better sound quality: You can click a button that says listen on the phone. When you click that you will receive a phone number, the access code for the call, and a pin. That pin is crucial. Without that pin, you will not be able to unmute yourself on the call.
  • If you can hear the call but cannot figure out how to unmute or how to ask questions using the software, you can email or
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