We still have a chance to stop Obamacare.

Obamacare Showdown Continues

Quick Update: It appears as though the House of Representatives could vote on a Continuing Resolution as early as this evening that would do the following:
  1. Defund/Delay Full Implementation of Obamacare until 2015
  2. Continue current government spending levels through December 15, 2013 (the bill that passed the Senate changed the date to Nov. 15 - this bill changes it back to Dec. 15)
  3. Repeal the Medical Device Tax
  4. Ensure the military gets paid in the event that the Senate doesn't act to keep the government running.
This bill will likely be voted on tonight and would then be sent to the Senate. The Senate is adjourned until Monday, so they likely will not take up this bill until Monday. This could put pressure on Democrats to vote for this bill to avert a government shutdown.

Take Action:
The House Republican Conference is expected to be in near unanimous agreement on this bill, so we should focus our attention back to the Senate. If your Congressman is a Democrat you may want to make a call to them to let them know that you still want them to listen to the American people and stop this train wreck law.

For now though, we need to put as much pressure on the Senate to act - to ensure the government continues to operate while defunding Obamcare. Below is the list we sent out the other night. These emails were gathered from where we could find them on the internet. Some may bounce back, but we encourage you to try. Senators have been taking their phones off the hook, so emailing and tweeting will be just as effective at letting them know where you stand.

The Capitol Switchboard is: (202) 224-3121

Tea Party Patriots Support Team

Here's a list of Senators that should be called. The ones highlighted in yellow are Republicans who voted to fund Obamacare on the last vote in the Senate. The ones highlighted in pink are red state Democrats up for reelection in 2014 or who might be persuaded.
State Name Party Twitter Handle Chief of Staff or PR Email
AK Mark Begich D @SenatorBegich Chief: David Ramseur
  (202) 224-3004     Press: Rachel Barinbaum
AK Lisa Murkowski R @lisamurkowski Chief: Edward Hild
  (202) 224-6665     Press: Matthew Felling
AZ John McCain R @SenJohnMcCain Chief: Pablo Carrillo
  (202) 224-2235     Press: Brian Rogers
AR Mark Pryor D @SenMarkPryor Chief: Andy York
  (202) 224-2353     Press: Michael Teague
AR John Boozman R @JohnBoozman Chief: Helen Walker Tolar
  (202) 224-4843     Press: Sara Lasure
CA Dianne Feinstein D @SenFeinstein Chief: Chris Thompson
  (202) 224-3841     Press: Brian Weiss
CA Barbara Boxer D @SenatorBoxer Chief: Laura Schiller
  (202) 224-3553     Press: Zachary Coile
CO Mark Udall D @MarkUdall Chief: Mike Sozan
  (202) 224-5941     Press: Mike Saccone
CO Michael Bennet D @SenBennetCO Chief: Jonathan Davidson
  (202) 224-5852     Press: Adam Bozzi
CT Richard Blumenthal D @SenBlumenthal Chief: Laurie Rubiner
  (202) 224-2823     Press: Kamara Jones
CT Chris Murphy D @ChrisMurphyCT Chief: Francis Creighton
  (202) 224-4041     Press: Ben Marter
DE Tom Carper D @SenatorCarper Chief: Jim Reilly
  (202) 224-2441     Press: Emily Spain
DE Chris Coons D @ChrisCoons Chief: Todd Webster
  (202) 224-5042     Press: Ian Koski
FL Bill Nelson D @SenBillNelson Chief: Pete Mitchell
  (202) 224-5274     Press: Dan Mclaughlin
GA Saxby Chambliss R @SaxbyChambliss Chief: Charlie Harman
  (202) 224-3521     Press: Lauren Claffey
GA Johnny Isakson R @SenatorIsakson Chief: Chris Carr
  (202) 224-3643     Press: Lauren Culbertson
HA Brian Schatz D @brianschatz Chief: Andy Winer
  (202) 224-3934     Press: Andrew Winer
HA Mazie Hirono D @maziehirono Chief: Betsy Lin
  (202) 224-6361     Press: David Miyashiro
ID Mike Crapo R @MikeCrapo Chief: Susan Wheeler
  (202) 224-6142     Press: Judd Deere
IL Dick Durbin D @SenatorDurbin Chief: Pat Souders
  (202) 224-2152     Press: Max Gleischman
IL Mark Kirk R @SenatorKirk Chief: Kate Dickens
  (202) 224-2854     Press: Lance Trover
IN Joe Donnelly D @SenDonnelly Chief: Joel Elliott
  (202) 224-4814     Press: Elizabeth Shappell
IN Dan Coats R @SenDanCoats Chief: Dean Hingson
  (202) 224-5623     Press: Tara Dijulio
IA Tom Harkin D @SenatorHarkin Chief: Brian Ahlberg
  (202) 224-3254     Press: Kate Frischmann
IA Chuck Grassley R @ChuckGrassley Chief: David Young
  (202) 224-3744     Press: Jill Kozeny
KS Jerry Moran R @JerryMoran Chief: Todd Novascone
  (202) 224-6521     Press: Garrette Silverman
KY Mitch McConnell R @McConnellPress Chief: Josh Holmes
  (202) 224-2541     Press: Don Stewart
LA Mary Landrieu D @SenLandrieu Chief: Donald Cravins
  (202) 224-5824     Press: Media
ME Angus King I @SenAngusKing Chief: Kay Rand
  (202) 224-5344     Press: Crystal Canney
ME Susan Collins R @SenatorCollins Chief: Mary Dietrich
  (202) 224-2523     Press: Kevin Kelley
MD Barbara Mikulski D @SenatorBarb Chief: Julia Frifield
  (202) 224-4654     Press: Rachel Macknight
MD Ben Cardin D @SenatorCardin Chief: Chris Lynch
  (202) 224-4524     Press: Sue Walitsky
MA Edward Markey D @EdMarkey Chief: Mark Bayer
  (202) 224-2742     Press: Evan Burnham-Snyder
MA Elizabeth Warren D @elizabethforma Chief: Mindy Myers
  (202) 224-4543     Press: Lacey Rose
MI Carl Levin D @SenCarlLevin Chief: David Lyles
  (202) 224-6221     Press: Tara Andringa
MI Debbie Stabenow D @StabenowPress Chief: Dan Farough
  (202) 224-4822     Press: Cullen Schwarz
MN Amy Klobuchar D @amyklobuchar Chief: Jonathan Becker
  (202) 224-3244     Press: Brigit Helgen
MN Al Franken D @alfranken Chief: Casey Aden-Wansbury
  (202) 224-5641     Press: Alexandra
MS Roger Wicker R @SenatorWicker Chief: Michelle Barlow Richardson
  (202) 224-6253     Press: Ryan Taylor
MS Thad Cochran R @SenThadCochran Chief: T.A. Hawks
  (202) 224-5054     Press: Chris Gallegos
MO Claire McCaskill D @clairecmc Chief: Julie Dwyer
  (202) 224-6154     Press: John Labombard
MO Roy Blunt R @RoyBlunt Chief: Glen Chambers
  (202) 224-5721     Press: Amber Marchand
MT Max Baucus D @MaxBaucus Chief: Paul Wilkins
  (202) 224-2651     Press: Jennifer Donohue
MT Jon Tester D @jontester Chief: Thomas Lopach
  (202) 224-2644     Press: Andrea Helling
NE Deb Fischer R @SenatorFischer Chief: Mike Hybl
  (202) 224-6551     Press: Joe Hack
NE Mike Johanns R @Mike_Johanns Chief: Terri Moore
  (202) 224-4224     Press: Nick Simpson
NV Harry Reid D @SenatorReid Chief: David Krone
  (202) 224-3542     Press: Adam Jentleson
NV Dean Heller R @SenDeanHeller Chief: Corinne Zakzeski
  (202) 224-6244     Press: Chandler Smith
NH Jeanne Shaheen D @SenatorShaheen Chief: Maura Keefe
  (202) 224-2841     Press: Shripal Shah
NH Kelly Ayotte R @KellyAyotte Chief: John Easton
  (202) 224-3324     Press: Jeff Grappone
NJ Bob Menendez D @Menendez4NJ Chief: Danny O'Brien
  (202) 224-4744     Press: Patricia Enright
NJ Jeffrey S. Chiesa R @ChiseaNews Chief: Donna Mullins
  (202) 224-3224     Press: Ken Lundberg
NM Tom Udall D @SenatorTomUdall Chief: Michael Collins
  (202) 224-6621     Press: Marissa Padilla
NM Martin Heinrich D @MartinHeinrich Chief: Steve Haro
  (202) 224-5521     Press: Whitney Potter
NY Chuck Schumer D @ChuckSchumer Chief: Mike Lynch
  (202) 224-6542     Press: Matt House
NY Kirsten Gillibrand D @SenGillibrand Chief: Jess Fassler
  (202) 224-4451     Press: Bethany Lesser
NC Kay Hagan D @SenatorHagan Chief: Mike Harney
  (202) 224-6342     Press: Mary Hanley
NC Richard Burr R @SenatorBurr Chief: Chris Joyner
  (202) 224-3154     Press: Press
ND Heidi Heitkamp D @SenatorHeitkamp Chief: Tessa Gould
  (202) 224-2043     Press: Abigail Mcdonough
ND John Hoeven R @SenJohnHoeven Chief: Ryan Bernstein
  (202) 224-2551     Press: Don Canton
OH Sherrod Brown D @SenSherrodBrown Chief: Mark Powden
  (202) 224-2315     Press: Meghan Dubyak
OH Rob Portman R @robportman Chief: Rob Lehman
  (202) 224-3353     Press: Jeffrey Sadosky
OK Tom Coburn R @TomCoburn Chief: Brian Treat
  (202) 224-5754     Press: John Hart
OR Ron Wyden D @RonWyden Chief: Jeff Michels
  (202) 224-5244     Press: Tom Caiazza
OR Jeff Merkley D @SenJeffMerkley Chief: Michael Zamore
  (202) 224-3753     Press: Matt Mcnally
PA Bob Casey, Jr. D @Bob_Casey Chief: James Brown
  (202) 224-6324     Press: April Mellody
RI Jack Reed D @SenJackReed Chief: Neil Campbell
  (202) 224-4642     Press: Chip Unruh
RI Sheldon Whitehouse D @SenWhitehouse Chief: Sam Goodstein
  (202) 224-2921     Press: Seth Larson
SC Lindsey Graham R @LindseyGrahamSC Chief: Richard Perry
  (202) 224-5972     Press: Kevin Bishop
SD John Thune R @SenJohnThune Chief: Ryan Nelson
  (202) 224-2321     Press: Ashlee Strong
SD Tim Johnson D @SenJohnsonSD Chief: Drey Samuelson
  (202) 224-5842     Press: Perry Plumart
TN Lamar Alexander R @SenAlexander Chief: Ryan Loskarn
  (202) 224-4944     Press: Jim Jeffries
TN Bob Corker R @SenBobCorker Chief: Todd Womack
  (202) 224-3344     Press: Laura Herzog
TX John Cornyn R @JohnCornyn Chief: Beth Jafari
  (202) 224-2934     Press: Megan Mitchell
UT Orrin Hatch R @OrrinHatch Chief: Michael Kennedy
  (202) 224-5251     Press: Matthew Harakal
VT Patrick Leahy D @SenatorLeahy Chief: John Dowd
  (202) 224-4242     Press: David Carle
VT Bernie Sanders I @SenSanders Chief: Michaeleen Crowell
  (202) 224-5141     Press: Michael Briggs
VA Mark Warner D @MarkWarner Chief: Luke Albee
  (202) 224-2023     Press: Kevin Hall
VA Tim Kaine D @timkaine Chief: Mike Henry
  (202) 224-4024     Press: Amy Dudley
WA Patty Murray D @PattyMurray Chief: Mike Stahn
  (202) 224-2621     Press: Matt Mcalvanah
WA Maria Cantwell D @CantwellPress Chief: Jennifer Griffith
  (202) 224-3441     Press: Jared Leopold
WV Jay Rockefeller D @SenRockefeller Chief: Kerry Ates
  (202) 224-6472     Press: Jenny Rosenberg
WV Joe Manchin D @Sen_JoeManchin Chief: Mara Boggs
  (202) 224-3954     Press: Jonathan Kott
WI Tammy Baldwin D @tammybaldwin Chief: Bill Murat
  (202) 224-5653     Press: John Kraus
WI Ron Johnson R @SenRonJohnson Chief: Tony Blando
  (202) 224-5323     Press: Melinda Schnell
WY John Barrasso R @SenJohnBarrasso Chief: Dan Kunsman
  (202) 224-6441     Press: Emily Lawrimore

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