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In today's newsletter, I have some information on the ASME Power Conference 2012 as well as a recap of some of the presentations from the 2011 ASME Power Conference

I have been enlisted to be the Program/Paper Coordinator for Track 24 in 2012, which is for papers, presentations and panel sessions related to Gas Turbines in Simple and Combined Cycles.  So - I am hoping you, or someone you know, has an idea for a panel session and/or an abstract ready to submit for a paper to present at next year's conference.   The deadline for abstract submissions is almost here!

Come Join us at the ASME Power Conference 2012!!
The ASME Power conference will be held in Anaheim, CA from July 30 through August 3, 2012.  The conference in 2012 is also joint with ICONE (the International Conference on Nuclear Engineering) which only happens once or twice a decade - so this is sure to be a special time, indeed!  Additional details on the conference can be found online at the ASME Website ( ).
As I mentioned above, I am actively seeking ideas for papers and panel sessions to be held at the conference.  If you have an idea for a paper, presentation, panel session, or just have some data that you think others would be interested in hearing about, please  let me know.  I can help you through the abstract submittal process - and if you need a co-author to help with writing and presenting the paper, I am willing to help there as well.  
Presentations at past conferences have included detailed information on the additional maintenance costs of wind-following; the high ramp rates are taking their toll on combined cycle plants, and even coal and nuclear plants are now entering the ramping  game.  To date I have not seen a presentation about the heat rate effect of all this ramping, but I know it is significant, and not in a good way.  If you have any data on how fast ramps have changed your plant's heat rate, please let me know - I think the industry as a whole could benefit from understanding more about the real cost of following wind with online assets.

ASME Power 2011 - Some Papers of Interest
There are so many good papers and presentations at the ASME conference, it is sometimes hard to choose which sessions to attend.  Here are some examples of those I saw this past year:

"Re-Engineering of an Inlet Air Filtration System for a 100MW Combined Cycle Cogeneration Power Plant" (POWER2011-55247) by Moritz Dorschel and Stefan aus der Wiesche:  Discusses an example of a redesigned inlet air filter house.  Some issues they found during the process were velocities too high for the filter media and wet filtration issues when their pre-cooler was installed.

“Incorporating Technology with Improved Practices to Optimize CCGT Metrics at Constellation Mystic Power, LLC” (POWER2011-55314) A presentation by John Ayvazian, Darryl Spencer, and Robert Holzworth:  Their presentation concluded that payback for a performance monitoring system can be provided by optimizing condenser back pressure using component level performance indicators (advanced pattern recognition software not needed, although I'm sure that would only improve the process).  For the project under consideration, results included a 0.7% improvement in heat rate, worth approximately $1 million/year in fuel savings for their facility.

"Thermal Performance Testing of Solar Steam Generator 4 at Areva Solar's Kimberlina Demonstration Facility" (POWER2011-55178) by Mary Jane Hale, Peter Sugimura, Rob Hanson, Milt Venetos, and Peter Tanner:  An in depth discussion of the performance testing requirements and procedures at the Kimberlina facility, including some of the specific issues that were dealt with for the solar plant, such as basing some of the testing on a full solar production day (to include start-up and shutdown considerations), and an adjustment to the steam production for exergy considerations, not just total Btu or kJ (i.e. a steam usability value).

Next LM6000 Performance Seminar

March 2012 in Pasadena, CA; visit the seminar web page or contact me for additional details. 

Performance Analysis Services for Power Plants

Analysis Tools & Software – from customized spreadsheets to add-ins for Excel or complete compiled programs, T2E3 can develop software tools and analysis models to support all your performance monitoring needs, including integrating your existing tools with available site data systems, to create online systems providing data and results in real-time.

Training – both public and private seminars are available.  Interactive sessions increase attendees’ knowledge and understanding of the thermodynamic cycles, instrumentation and analysis models needed to improve equipment performance and reliability.

Performance Test Support – for annual capacity or PPA performance tests.  Support available includes reviewing and/or developing procedures, analysis models and reports as well as on-site test direction.   

Performance and Dispatch Models – Support for power marketers and dispatchers to increase their understanding of the operation of your facility.  Do they constantly dispatch the plant at loads which are difficult or impossible to maintain?  T2E3 can help you build tools and training programs to help all parties understand the expected changes in performance due to ambient conditions and operating constraints. 


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