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  • Preparing for the Summer Operating Season
  • Networking at WTUI in Long Beach; March 15-18
  • LM6000 Performance Training Seminar Presentation; March 19 & 20

Harriet's Chariot, located at the Palm Springs Air Museum

Preparing for the Summer Operating Season

What can you do to make this the best year ever?

  1. Review last year's operating data.
  2. Trend your Key Performance Indicators (efficiency heat rate, corrected capacity, etc.) - Identify abnormal changes in the data - was it a gradual change or did something happen all of a sudden?  Gradual changes indicate fouling, where sudden changes could be a more significant failure.
  3. Calibrate all your instrumentation - include instruments used for performance monitoring as well as control.  Those gradual shifts you identified during your data review could be due to bad data - keeping all instruments calibrated reduces the uncertainty in your KPI's, and keeps your staff confident in the results their monitoring.
  4. Plan for your next peak operating season - do you need any new or updated analysis tools?  Are you tracking the right KPI's?  Do you need to provide updated and/or validated performance data to your dispatchers or ISO?
  5. Manage your ongoing operations with real-time information provided to those who can act on the results - does your control room operator know what management's operating priorities are?  (i.e. is it better to push for capacity or streamline for heat rate improvements?)
  6. Communicate the results of your review to everyone that has a hand in improving the performance at your facility.  The more people know and understand, the better they will be in promoting your facility priorities!
  7. Network with others to learn about new technologies, the latest service bulletins regarding your equipment and other ways you can improve your operations - sometimes it's the smallest things that can have the biggest impact.  
And on that Networking note - come see me at the Western Turbine Users Conference March 15 - 18!  More information on the conference is available at
I'll be there, and will have an exhibit booth with fun giveaways - so stop by and see me.  I'll also be at the pre-conference Tennis Tournament.  We're always looking for more players, and you don't have to be a pro to come out and have a good time with a racquet.

This year I'm also presenting my LM6000 Performance Training Seminar.  It is scheduled for the Thursday and Friday AFTER WTUI:  March 19 & 20 in Long Beach, CA around the corner from the WTUI conference venue.  More information on the seminar is available on the T2E3 website.  Space is limited this year, but there is still room, if you act quick.  Contact me direct, if you'd like to reserve a space now (just reply to this message or email me at
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