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May 2018

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During early spring, an increasing tilt of the Earth's axis relative to the Sun occurs, and the length of daylight rapidly increases for that hemisphere. This season gets its name because a significant warming of the hemisphere causes new plant growth to "spring forth" .truck of logs

Big Horn Mountain Log Homes would be delighted to help you "spring forth" into your own log home.

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Today's Log Topic: Building it Yourself

Why choose to build your own? We've said it before, and we'll say it again...

1) You can save money.
Saving money is great. You get higher equity in your home, it takes a shorter time to pay it off and you will make more money when you sell it. You can usually save between 10% and 30% when building your own home depending on the amount of work you do yourself and how much legwork and savings investigation you do up front.Carroll Cloudpeak w/Carrolls!
2) You can try new things that a contractor just won't do.
Sometimes people want to try new or unconventional systems in their home, like solar power or in-floor heat, for example. Often, you are just unable to find someone who is willing to build them in for you, or they will charge prices  you feel are too high. When this happens, building yourself may give you exactly what you want.
3) You will have the satisfaction of building your home.
There is a measure of satisfaction we feel when we build something with our own two hands. Imagine living in a home that you have built for yourself! It is a kind of satisfaction little else can give.
4) You can build it exactly the way you'd like it.
Would you like a concrete stamped floor in your sun room? Do you like the idea of creative storage under your staircase? Want a climbing wall in your loft or a zip line in your back yard? Do it! You're the contractor!
5) You can hire sub-contractors to handle the parts you want someone else to do.
Remember, you can always hire someone else to perform the work that you'd rather not do. Sometimes you don't have the time to learn how to do something well, like laying tile. Sometimes it just seems more cost effective to have a good subcontractor do the work at a reasonable price.

If you choose to build your log home yourself, here is a list of things to do before you build. Many people have done it, from young families to retired couples.
 Big Horn Mountain Log Homes wants you to love your new log home and the satisfaction you receive when building it yourself. CALL NOW: 307-684-2445 or contact us via web mail.
Happy Building!
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