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Big Horn Mountain Log Homes has a number of small getaway cabin or home choices for you.

Hideout - 480 Sq FtThe Hideout is a simple studio type cabin with a kitchenette, dining area, living area, sleeping area and bathroom. Very economical and easy to build. Buy Study Plan Now

Outpost - 480 Sq FtThe Outpost is an upgrade from the Hideout. It has a separated bedroom. The arrangement is different also, with a longer rectangle footprint instead of a more square footprint. Buy Study Plan Now

Trapper - 576 Sq FtThe Trapper will gain you a little more space, enough to have two bedrooms instead of just one. Buy Study Plan Now

Plainsman - 768 Sq FtThe Plainsman is popular. It is a good size two bedroom cabin with extra space for your gear or your friends. Also an excellent value. You can also purchase a Plainsman with a Loft to add another bedroom (and possibly bathroom), giving you 1152 Sq Ft. Buy Study Plan Now

Cloud Peak - 1296 Sq Ft
The Cloud Peak is a good small home model with a loft. Many people like it as a larger cabin for the occasional family gathering. Buy Study Plan Now

CloudPeak with Dormer Any of these cabins can have additional side porch roofs added to give you more outdoor living space. You can also add shed style dormers at a low cost ($3200 - $6000) to any of the loft models for loft bathrooms or larger bedroom space. The photo to the right is the Cloud Peak with double dormers.

Remember, Big Horn Mountain Log Homes is currently selling at reduced prices. In order to receive your reduced price, your 1/3 Log Package Deposit must be received by March 27, 2019. You must take delivery of your package by Oct 10, 2019.

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