Yogawest Newsletter 11/2016

November News

Places are available for Indira and Diana's Autumn Yoga Day this Sunday. Autumn is a time to stimulate the immune system and prepare for winter. During the day there’ll be exploration of asanas, ropes, pranayama, relaxation and yoga philosophy. If you haven't been to a yoga day before, this is a good one to start with. Details are here.

Dates for Your Diary

Nov 4 Monthly Pranayama class 8.30am - all welcome!
Nov 13 Final Chakra workshop with Edgar Stringer
Dec 3 Five year anniversary class and party: book early!
Family Class 4.30pm
Dec 10 Marios Argiros weekend EARLY BIRD ends Nov 10

Edgar Stringer presents the last in his Chakra series on Nov 13; Yogawest celebrates its 5th anniversary on Dec 3; and please note the early bird discount for the Marios Argiros' event expires on November 10th: book your place before then to save money.

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Akasha, the space element & Visuddi Chakra, Nov 13

In this final 3 hour workshop, Edgar Stringer looks at asanas in the context of the five elements (pancha bhutas) and the role of the seven chakras in Yoga. You can come to this whether or not you have attended previous workshops in the series… READ MORE 

Yogacard Raffle: have you entered yet?

We have revived our popular Christmas Yogacard raffle (last drawn by Uday Bhosale a couple of years ago). We are collecting your finished Yogacards at reception and will draw them for some Yogawest prizes at our Anniversary Party on December 3rd. Drop yours in the box before then for your chance to win.

Book your place now…

Yogawest's 5th anniversary event at Yogawest is on December 3rd. There's a free class at 3.30, suitable for all (bookable by charity donation for the Julian Trust). The class will be taught by several Yogawest teachers exploring the theme of five, and will be followed by a party. All welcome to both events, booking required… READ MORE 

A weekend with Marios Argiros

This is the 3rd annual visit by Marios to Yogawest and if you ask anyone who has been to previous events they will tell you to book up immediately: it's a fantastic weekend! Two days practising and exploring asanas with Marios is the perfect way to brighten up a couple of dark December days. Beginners are welcome too… READ MORE 

Yogawest belts

Another in our series of 'What Are Those For?', focusing on safe and cooperative studio etiquette.
We have a range of belts in the studios at Yogawest, and they are used for different purposes in a yoga class, anything from extending your arms so you can reach faraway feet, to releasing stiff shoulders. Ask your teacher how to buckle them up correctly: unfortunately we've had to throw a lot out this year due to incorrect use: the picture on the right is a rather sad broken-belt pile… READ MORE 

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