Yogawest Newsletter 01/2016

It may be wet outside…

But it's lovely and dry in here! When it's drab and damp in Bristol, where better to be than in a warm and nurturing yoga class at Yogawest? Classes are busy in January, so we have added more: if you prefer a smaller class, check the options in the story below.
However, large classes are fun: there's a great yoga energy, Iyengar teachers are trained to teach different abilities in one class and of course Yogawest has plenty of equipment and space.

Dates for Your Diary

Jan 5, 7 or 9 5-week foundation courses begin (can start a week late)
Jan 8 Pranayama class, 8.30am - all welcome, arrive early!
Jan 24 Improvers class - preparation for intermediate classes
Apr 10 Yoga Day with Indira & Diana
Apr 30 Uday Bhosale weekend - hold the date!
May 22 Yoga holiday in Turkey
Oct 22, 23 Margaret Austin weekend - hold the date!
Feb 2017 Mexico yoga holiday - let us know if you are interested

For those of you that are returning to yoga this January, have you considered repeating a foundation course: a great way of reminding your body of what's important and relearning the basics of a Iyengar yoga practice.
And don't forget our monthly pranayama class this Friday at 8.30am – taught by Lydia while Edgar is in Pune, all welcome!

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Foundation Courses in January

This popular 5 week foundation course is for complete beginners or people returning to Yogawest following a break. The course looks at the fundamental poses and principles of yoga practice and teaches you how to work safely in beginner and general classes. Courses start this week and there are places available starting Jan 5th (Tues), 7th (Thurs) and 9th (Sat). Special offer for booking 2 places. (NB space allowing you can start this course on week 2) READ MORE 



Improvers Class Jan 24

Have you been coming to beginner or general classes for ages but are worried about what an intermediate class might entail?

Are you going to intermediate level classes but feel you are not understanding something?

That’s why we run Luke's once-a-term 2-hour improvers class: BOOKING REQUIRED… READ MORE 


Quieter classes

Some of our classes are very popular, and get pretty busy at this time of year. Which makes for a great atmosphere in class: our studios are big enough to still have plenty of room and many Yogawest regulars enjoy larger classes. However we have added some more classes which are likely to be quiet for a while… READ MORE 


Spring Yoga Day, April 10th

This Spring yoga day will work with the season in mind – a time to open and extend the body as the light returns and the temperature increases (we hope!). During the day there'll be exploration of asanas, ropes, pranayama, relaxation, and some yoga philosophy.
A whole day of yoga can sound daunting: Indira and Diana will help you discover what a beneficial thing it is to do, whatever level your practise is… READ MORE 

Upcoming Yoga holidays

There are yoga holidays in 2016 to Turkey with Indira & Diana,
(NB: flights are very good value at the moment!!), Zakynthos with Diana and Sam (STOP PRESS: now sold out), and a proposed Mexico adventure with Indira & Diana in 2017.… something to look forward to?

Uday Yoga Bhosale April 30

Hold the date in your diary: we are in discussion with Uday about a yoga weekend on April 30th/May 1st (bank holiday weekend). Details to be confirmed.


Margaret Austin Oct 22/23

We have booked Margaret Austin to come for the weekend of October 22/23 (the first weekend of half term). Details to be confirmed, but we suggest you put it in your diary!


Teenage boys class

Our popular teenager class is very girl-dominant and we think more boys may come if there is a class with more boys in it. Our challenge is to get them there! Maybe following in Ryan Giggs footsteps might help?

Teenagers tend to get very stiff in their joints and muscles and due to various lifestyle habits (sport, gaming and of course school-stress), and can find it difficult to undo tension and body stress. Bad postural habits can lead to problems later in life. Regular yoga practice can help to encourage greater body awareness, flexibility and focus.


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