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Well, the World Cup fever might be diverting you from your Hi-Fi, but we are not letting it isolate our minds from creating audio and ancillary components that will enhance the performance of your sound system. We've been busy with new product developments and exhibiting at various Hi-Fi shows.

If you missed the shows yourself, you may find the talk that Max Townshend made on ground borne vibration interesting. However if you don’t have 25-minutes to spare jump straight to the reviews, white papers and recommendations listed below. We are sure you’ll be impressed as well!

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P.S. Contact your local Hi-Fi Dealer to arrange a trial of any Townshend upgrades on your system and listen to the difference they make!
Max Townshend delves into the science of isolation, giving a short seminar on the effect of ground borne vibration on Hi-Fi systems. The video explores the matter through some weird and wonderful contraptions designed to demonstrate how these tremors might be avoided in your home set up, with up to 40% less bass distortion when used on speakers, these experiments need to be seen to be believed!!
Townshend Audio has included supertweeters within the reference system for years and obviously High Res formats have never sounded so good, but what about the sound improvement on other lower res formats? We have listed some essential reading including a white paper "The world beyond 20kHz", an article on "Why do we need Supertweeters?" and the story behind the development from Max Townshend â€œHow the Maximum Supertweeter was born".
Fractal wire technology gives a truly transparent sound, and is used throughout the entire Allegri core, up to 200 metres are needed to wound each transformer. The dynamic range will astound! No wonder that the Allegri is quietly gaining a reputation as a giant killer! Adair Acoustics Design tests and reviews the Allegri and Fractal interconnects more>

Seismic Pods get RECOMMENDED
badge from HI-FI Choice

“When I install four of these Pods under my record deck, I notice an improvement in image placement, with instrument positions more clearly defined. I also sense a deeper silence during quieter segments of slower passages of music and an improvement in the dynamic range."   more>


Adair Acoustic test the Allegri Pre

"I initially set up the Allegri in between our Resolution Cantata Music Centre and the ATC Active 50s. These are both serious peices of equipment, so this is a great test for the £2000 Allegri. Its actually quite refreshing to not have to "   more>


Seismic Platform gets Recommended
badge from HIFI CHOICE

Jason Kennedy reviews the Townshend Seismic Isolation Platform under the Rega RP6 Turntable, a Leema Antila CD Player & Naim UnitiLite:  â€œMassive increase in stereo three dimensionality, sound is cleaner”  â€œA degree of hardness has disappeared and left a stronger sense of ..."   more>


The Ear - The best of 2013
Townshend Isolda Speaker Cable

“This is the speaker cable I have been using for some time but only got around to reviewing this year. I can’t find anything better and I have tried, nothing comes close when it comes to three dimensionality of soundstage and control, depth and power in the bass."    more>

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Congratulations to PETER HOCKETT and thank you to all those who entered.


One more winner for a pair of 1m DCT 300 interconnects worth £400 will be extracted in the next Townshend’s newsletter issue. 


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