Killer Meteor song and video release!
July 2012 Newsletter
presenting Killer Meteor

About Lexington's Killer Meteor
Killer Meteor's singer/songwriter Eric Smith has also been a key member of Kentucky- and Washington, D.C.-based bands The Apparitions (Machine Records) and Revival (Gypsy Eyes Records). Smith has shared the stage with the likes of The Flaming Lips, The Whigs, The Features, These United States, Bobby Bare Jr., and fellow Kentuckians, My Morning Jacket. For 10 in 20, Smith's guitar and vocals are complemented by two of Lexington's favorite musicians, multi-instrumentalist Emily Hagihara and bass guitarist Blake Cox. 

Help us create a vinyl compilation album!
This is the 10th of the 10 in 20 song and video releases--which means we're on our way toward pressing a vinyl album. We need your help to make that happen. 

In August, we'll post photos from our recording sessions every few days, and ask you to vote on which ones should appear on the album cover. We won't send you e-mail messages that often, so make sure to like our page on Facebook so you'll see all of the images!

In September, we'll launch a campaign on Pledgemusic, offering supporters early access to the album and one-of-a-kind perks from our 10 in 20 artists. 

Love for Lexington
We have been thrilled to promote our 10 in 20 artists across the Internet, and in person! Our videos have been watched on YouTube more than 18,000 times, and streamed thousands more on Bandcamp.  For July 4th, CD Central invited us to co-host a stage celebrating independent bands on Independence Day. The lineup included The Fanged Robot, Oh My Me, Coralee and the Townies, Andrew English, and Matt Duncan (with a special appearance by Chris Dennison). It was a wonderful day in the center of the city we love, and we look forward to more opportunities to promote great artists here. 
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