10 in 20 launches PledgeMusic campaign to create our vinyl album!
September 2012 Newsletter
launching our PledgeMusic crowdfunding campaign
Examples of PledgeMusic Exclusives:

Vintage guitar signed by Duane Lundy and Willie Eames

10 in 20 t-shirt hand-screened by Robby Cosenza

Photo session with Mark Cornelison

Matt Duncan care package

Drinks with Little Miss Tammy Smith

Custom voicemail message recorded by Coralee

Handwritten lyric sheet

Acoustice performance by Andrew English

CDs and t-shirts from 10 in 20 artists' other projects

Test pressings of the vinyl album

Custom jacket worn on stage by Chris Dennison

Scourge of the Sea Suitcase

Bargain shopping with Erin Reynolds

10 in 20 on PledgeMusic

10 in 20 has brought you digital delights, sounds and sights, spotlighting some of Kentucky’s most talented musicians. We have now re-mastered each track to press a vinyl album—and you can get unique items while helping us accomplish the next step.

To date, the 10 in 20 music videos have been enjoyed more than 20,000 times. The songs have streamed on BandCamp thousands more times and aired on WRFL and WUKY.

Indie taste-maker Paste Magazine‘s article “10 Kentucky Bands You Should Listen to Now” included three bands from 10 in 20: Matt Duncan, The Fanged Robot, and Oh My Me. Paste gave us a nod, too, referring to “the excellently produced Lexington-based recording series ’10 in 20.’”

Creating a vinyl album adds a new way to appreciate these artists, but unfortunately adds another set of major expenses. By offering pre-sales and unique perks, we hope to raise these funds on the front end, then be able to share profits with our ten bands as soon as the albums arrive in November. And when you make a pledge for an artist-specific exclusive, that person or group will earn money even sooner!

Also, PledgeMusic will direct 10% of funds past our target to Central Music Academy, which provides no-cost lessons to children in downtown Lexington.

Limited-time Exclusives!
The PledgeMusic campaign will run for 30 days, until Saturday, October 6. Because of our art deadlines, two of the exclusives will be available for one week only: until Friday, September 14.

  • Your name in the liner notesYour name in the vinyl album liner notes, plus on 10 in 20’s website and in a note on our Facebook page.
  • Associate producer creditThe vinyl album’s liner notes could list YOU as an Associate Producer!
Our PledgeMusic campaign page lists dozens of other exclusives, ranging from $10 (download of our 10 songs) to $2,500 (a private party for you and 30 of your closest friends at Shangri-la Studios, with entertainment by Coralee and the Townies).
Thank you in advance for your continuing support, and for helping 10 in 20 create our vinyl album!

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