Kentucky's honky tonk diva joins 10 in 20!
April 2012 Newsletter
presenting Little Miss Tammy Smith
Little Miss Tammy Smith

About Little Miss Tammy Smith
Calling Little Miss Tammy Smith a “honky tonk diva”, Ace Weekly explained that she “has recently come back to Kentucky from the west, where she was spreading the message of country, grits, and hillbilly highballs out to the coast.” Her powerful talent and unique style has impressed audiences in venues as diverse as Hollywood’s House of Blues, a Kentucky Headhunters video, and Lexington’s July 4th parade (twirling a baton for the USA and March Madness Marching Band, while her sister, renowned rock drummer Sherri McGee, joined in on a marching snare). Miss Tammy spews country, rockabilly, and honky tonk, and the local legend never disappoints her fans.
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"I Can't Call You (On a Sunday Night)" is the 7th of our monthly releases.  Have you heard and watched all of the first 6?  Each of them has topped 1,000 views on YouTube--last month's release of a new track by Oh My Me has already been seen on YouTube nearly 2,600 times!

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