March 2017

Women and welfare in colonial Victoria

Come along to our free talk for International Women's Day

On Wednesday 8 March we will be hosting a panel discussion examining women and welfare in Victoria. Every year we partner with the Australian Women's Archives Project to celebrate International Women's Day with a seminar that highlights an aspect of women's history. This year's focus on women and welfare touches on an often researched and controversial subject. 

When: 1-2.30pm Wednesday 8 March
Where: Victorian Archives Centre, Conference Room, 99 Shiel Street North Melbourne
This is a FREE event.


Historic mosque plans

Archival snapshot


Our historic plan collection includes plans for a number of mosques built in Melbourne over the past few decades.

With the Islamic month Jumada al-Thani upon us we thought it a great time to explore some of these plans preserved as public records. 


One more for the road

Explore our crime records

Bumbling thieves often make the news for crimes gone wrong. From the robber who fled in his own vehicle complete with 'For Sale' sign and his phone number attached to the back window, to the robbers who attempted to hold up a McDonalds full of dining armed forces - could it be a classic case of karma or just plain bad luck? 

Here we discovered the case of Albert Sharpe's unfortunate robbery. 

"The game is up! I will take it!"


Doris' 1936 inquest typical of many

Researching our inquest records


At the Melbourne Morgue on the 13th of March 1936, the State Coroner Arthur Tingate wrote his inquest findings on the cause of death for Doris, a 31 year old woman from regional Victoria."Doris died from septicaemia and septic inflammation of the kidney following an unlawful abortion."

Doris' story is not atypical of many women in Australia before abortion was legalised in 1969.


Ballarat Prison Registers Conservation

See how it's done!

Between November 2015 and July 2016, The University of Melbourne's Grimwade Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation undertook work on the conservation of ten Ballarat Personal Descriptions of Prisoners Received Books from our collection.

Learn more about these records and watch a video about the conservation process here...

From the History Council of Victoria

Upcoming event: Performing Refugee History

Melbourne writers, artists and historians are working with refugee testimony in cutting edge media and are using personal stories to challenge public policy. 

Learn more and book via the HCV website...

Upcoming Events

What's coming up this month?

Monday to Friday 10am-4.30pm
'Mos to Mullets' exhibit
Victorian Archives Centre Foyer
North Melbourne, 99 Shiel Street

Wednesday 8 March 1pm-2.30pm
Women and Welfare talk
North Melbourne, 99 Shiel Street
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Saturday 11 & 25 Mar 10am-4.30pm
Victorian Archives Centre Reading Room
North Melbourne, 99 Shiel Street
Open Saturday
Sunday to Friday 10am-4pm
'Soldier On'
Old Treasury Building
Melbourne, Spring Street

(Closes 28 March)

Sunday to Friday 10am-4pm
'Wild Colonial Boys'
Old Treasury Building
Melbourne, Spring Street


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