February 2020

Review of Storage Standard and Specifications

Standards review

Thank you to everyone who has responded to the Storage Review Consultation paper. Input was sought from agencies and from approved storage providers (APROSS).

Storage Standard Principles and Requirements are being drafted and will be published within the next couple of weeks.

Access information and papers here.


New e-learning module available

Training and awareness

PROV's elearning module Recordkeeping Essentials is now available. This module is targeted at all Victorian Public Servants and its aim is to increase awareness and improve understanding of your recordkeeping obligations in your workplace.

Access the elearning module via PROV's website.

New Retention and Disposal Authority

Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse 2017

A reminder that a new RDA has been issued to address recommendations made by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse 2017, concerning the retention and disposal of records. 

The new RDA, PROS 19/08, specifies records of organisational response to child sexual abuse allegations and incidents that are required as State Archives and provides for the lawful disposal of records not required permanently after specified periods. 

Read about the new RDA and how it relates to existing RDAs at the PROV website here.

Public Interest Disclosures

New Topic page

Check out our Public Interest Disclosures Topic Page if you would like to know how to manage reports of improper conduct or detrimental action within the Victorian Public Sector.

Public Interest Disclosures were previously known as Protected disclosures.

Service Delivery

A reminder about services

The Digital Archive Program is a significant project currently being undertaken to update and improve our entire digital archiving environment. The implementation of the new digital archive will mean faster digital ingest and enhanced capability to describe, preserve and provide access to public records.

As a result of this work we are unable to commence new transfer projects and have reduced capacity to take on new RDA development projects.

Get more information about these projects and what it means for you on our Projects' page.

Class B Places of Deposit (PODs)

Class B PODs and Temporary Records

Is your agency looking to clear some space? You could be holding temporary records that can be transferred to a Class B POD.

Take a look at our website to find a pod in your area or get in touch with us at if you know of a community group who would like to receive them.

Annual 1 January archive openings

Section 9 openings

Every year on 1st January hundreds of state archives are made public as part of PROV's annual Section 9 openings.

This year's opened records include a Central Register of Male Prisoners from 1943-1944, Nurse Training Records from 1905-1969, and Registers of Military Patients from the Department of Mental Hygiene.

Find the full list of opened records here.

Recordkeeping Assessment Tool (RKAT)

RKAT update

RKAT is almost complete and will be available on the PROV website shortly. You will be able to use it to measure different aspects of your organisational recordkeeping maturity, in relation to the PROV Standards.

Records Management Network meeting

Upcoming RMN event

PROV are hosting a Records Management Network (RMN) meeting on Tuesday 17th March at the Victorian Archives Centre in North Melbourne. Want to make sure you don't miss out? Join our RMN mailing list here.

Sir Rupert Hamer Awards

An update on the Hamer's

Due to budgeting and resource constraints the Sir Rupert Hamer Records Management Awards for 2020 will not be held. The decision to call off the event has not been made lightly and we are conscious of how important these awards are to many people across the VPS.

For more information about this decision visit PROV's website.

Loss of memory man

Archival snapshot

a page with three people's photos on it

Featured among the photographs of prisoners sentenced to death is a photo of a wide-eyed man with neatly groomed hair and a moustache.

His photo is labelled "George Southern, loss of memory man 2/1893".

His photo sits amongst those of the murderous Maria Black, Frederick Bailey Deeming, and T.A. Todd of body in the boot box fame.
So who is George Southern and why is he included in this record with some of Victoria's most infamous criminals? Find out more here.

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Wayward Women?, as the name suggests, is an exhibition of characters who don't fit the stereotype of demure Victorian womanhood.


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