May 2019

Review of Standards and Specifications

Recordkeeping for Government

After several rounds of consultation, the revised Access, Strategic Management, Operational Management and Create Capture & Control Standards are being finalised. We expect to publish them by the end of the financial year.

The four revised Standards will contain principles and requirements, including those associated with the Victorian Electronic Record Strategy (VERS). Technical specifications (i.e. for Digitisation and VERS) will remain, with minor wording and format changes. Implementation guidelines are also being developed.
The revised Standards replace the Strategic Management Standard, Strategic Management Specification, Operational Management Standard, Operational Management Specification, Create Standard, Create Specification, Control Standard, Control Specification, Access Standard, Access to Records in Agency Custody Specification and the Access to Records in PROV Custody Specification.
Thank you to the many people who provided input throughout the development process.

Office 365/SharePoint 

Feedback requested

Is your agency using, or considering using, Office 365 and SharePoint Online? 

Office 365 (including SharePoint Online) is currently being considered for or is in the process of being implemented across a number of Victorian Government agencies. We would like to better understand how agencies are considering using Office 365 and SharePoint Online to manage public records and would love to hear from you! 

Fill in our Office 365/SharePoint survey here

More information on the PROV website here

To discuss your Office 365 or SharePoint Online experiences with us further, please contact

Records of Organisational Response to Child Sexual Abuse

Feedback required by 31 May

The PROV Appraisal and Documentation Team invites stakeholders to review a new draft Retention and Disposal Authority (RDA) for Records of Organisational Response to Child Sexual Abuse Incidents and Allegations. This RDA has been developed based on recommendations in the Final Report of the Royal Commission into Institutional Response to Child Sexual Abuse 2017.

We would appreciate feedback about whether the retention periods are reasonable and the language used in the RDA clear enough, and whether you can identity any gaps in the RDA coverage.

More information on the PROV website here

Cabinet records transfer

Behind the scenes

An upcoming election is a busy time for Victorian government agencies—PROV included. 

When Parliament is dissolved in advance of an upcoming election, the Victorian Government (VG) goes into Caretaker mode. The biggest responsibility we have at PROV is to assist the departments to prepare their Cabinet-in-Confidence (CiC) records for transfer. 

In preparation for the 2018 State Election, PROV and the Cabinet Office worked with the departments to successfully prepare and transfer digital CiC records to PROV.

Read more on the PROV website here


Stunning scenes of Victoria

Archival snapshot

The beauty of a good old fashioned, printed, photo album is its ability to take you back in time with every flip of the page.The early 20th century visions captured in the Victorian Railways Electrification Scheme album within our collection paint a stunning story of Victoria around the time of the electrification of the Melbourne Suburban Railway System.

The first two photographs to adorn the album's pages are images of Flinders Street Station and passenger yard. You can see the Jolimont workshops and substation in the background, with Heidelberg and Clifton Hill lines top left. You can also clearly see the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) before the Southern Stand was constructed.

Read more on the PROV website here

Transfers and RDA projects update

Recordkeeping for Government

PROV's Digital Archive Program is a significant project currently being undertaken by PROV staff to update and improve our entire digital archiving environment. The implementation of the new digital archive will mean faster digital ingest and enhanced capability to describe, preserve and provide access to public records.  

As a result of this work, for the last 12 months we’ve had reduced capacity to take on new record transfer and Retention and Disposal Authority (RDA) development projects. Due to the Digital Archive Program taking a little longer than anticipated, we now won’t be able to take on new project work until later in 2019.    

More information on the PROV website here

Our Archival Control Model

Behind the scenes

Behind every archive, lies a framework—an Archival Control Model (ACM)—which provides the foundation for documenting and arranging the records in a collection.

The ACM used at PROV is a forward-looking and flexible model that forms the basis of our archival systems and catalogues.

Using the three main entities of Record, Agent and Function, the model represents physical and digital records and their context.

Arranging and describing the records consistently using these entities of the model, helps users to locate, access and understand the records in the PROV collection.

See it on the PROV website here

Upcoming Events

What's on the horizon

Saturday 25 May, 1:00pm-3:00pm
Victorian Archives Centre

International Volunteer Week exhibition launch: 
Time and Tide - An exhibition of newly-digitized negatives collected by J.B.O Hosking, Melbourne Harbour Trust Chief Engineer from 1936 to 1959.
Bookings and info on the PROV website here

Sunday-Friday, 10:00am-4:00pm
Old Treasury Building

First Peoples and the Gold Rush:
New permanent exhibition at the OTB.
This is a free exhibition, no bookings required.
More information on the PROV website here


Saturday 11 May, 10.00am-4:30pm
Victorian Archives Centre
Saturday Opening

Saturday 25 May, 10.00am-4:30pm
Victorian Archives Centre
Saturday Opening

Saturday 8 June, 10.00am-4:30pm
Victorian Archives Centre
Saturday Opening

Saturday 29 June, 10.00am-4:30pm
Victorian Archives Centre
Saturday Opening

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