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The new PROV website is now live!

Visit prov.vic.gov.au

We're excited to announce that our brand new Public Record Office Victoria website is now live. For those of you who provided feedback on the site while it was in beta we thank you for your time and effort in helping us to create a website that is much easier to use. This email details some of our favourite new features. If you have any more feedback on the new site please email us at feedback@prov.vic.gov.au.

Visit the new site now!

Explore the topic pages

Explore the collection through our new topic pages

Find what you're looking for quickly and easily with our new topic pages containing information such as:
  • What do I need to know about these records?
  • How do I search?
  • Next steps and useful links.
You can also search for the record you need directly through the topic pages (as per the videos on the left), negating the need to open up another window and search through 'Access the Collection'.

Researchers who regularly use our PROV Guide PDFs please note: the information from the PROV Guides is now included within each topic page and the old PDFs have been removed from our site. Hardcopies will still be available in the Reading Room for the next few months, but all the information you need should be readily available within the topic pages. If there's anything you can't find please let us know. 

Search the collection

You can now search the collection through the main page!

You no longer have to click into 'Access the Collection' to search through our records. Simply type your search term into the search bar on the front page to be taken straight to the collection results (as per the first video to the left). You can also do an 'advanced search' (as per the second video which shows an item search). 

Of course if you'd prefer to go straight to 'Access the Collection' you can still do so via the usual link or by clicking on 'login or create an account' under 'I want to...' on the main page.  

Discover the PROVisualizer

A handy new data visualisation tool


This tool, now available on our new website, is especially handy if you're new to our collection and aren't sure about the scope of what we hold. Simply search by keyword or by typical government function and then click thought to series with the collection. 


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