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July 2015

PROV Bytes

May 2015 Records Management Network Event

Here we cover all the highlights

On the 22nd of May, Public Record Office Victoria held its second Records Management Network event for 2015.

Featuring presenters from university, government and the private sector, the event attracted over 170 people.

Please click here to read more about two of the presentations featured on the day.

Government Services Digest

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Privacy by Design:
A new approach to privacy in government

What is Privacy by Design?

Privacy by Design is a framework first developed by Dr. Ann Cavoukian, former Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, Canada.

Privacy by Design:
  • advances the view that privacy cannot be assured solely by compliance with legislation and regulatory frameworks
  • enables privacy to be ‘built in’ to the design and architecture of information systems, business processes and networked infrastructure
  • requires that privacy protection becomes an organisation’s default mode of operation.
Why should I care about Privacy by Design? Find out by clicking here.

Other Bytes and Pieces!

Answering your frequently asked questions...

Do any of these questions regarding Government Recordkeeping apply to you?

Question 1: I have a room full of old records/files and am not exactly sure what is there. Can PROV provide some advice? Click here for the answer.

Question 2: I plan to digitise some paper records which we have had for some time but are still needed by staff for information. Do I need permission from PROV before I destroy the paper originals? Answer.

Question 3: How long do social media records need to be kept for? Answer.

Question 4: How do we protect the privacy of clients in our social media records? Answer.

Question 5: Is clicking “like” on a social media forum a record? Answer.

For more FAQs regarding government recordkeeping please click here.

Any other questions? Please contact us at

Archival snapshot

The Carlton Female Refuge

Female refuges, where ‘unchaste’ women were confined in the hope that they could be converted and reformed, were established throughout the Western world from 1758 with the opening of London’s Magdalen Hospital.

The first such institution in colonial Victoria was Melbourne’s Carlton Refuge. Its original site was on Madeline (now Swanston) Street, but in 1890 the institution moved to Keppell Street, Carlton, where it would operate until its closure in 1949.

PROV records shed light on a non-denominational institution established in 1857 to care for and reform “fallen women” – the Carlton Female Refuge.
Read about this Archival Snapshot here.

Did you know?

PROV facts

Our digital archive is just one cubic metre big but can store the equivalent of about half the 90kms of physical records in the repository at the Victorian Archives Centre.
Also, our staff walk an average of 6.8 kilometres per day to retrieve records for use in our reading rooms!

More news from the PROV website

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Copy of Traralgon

Last Word....

New Records at Public Record Office Victoria

Archives Transfer of Historic Mine and Infrastructure Plans

More than sixty years of mining and infrastructure plans have been transferred to our archives. These records are now on open access and located at the Victorian Archives Centre, North Melbourne
For more information please click here

What's on?

July and August 2015

Monday to Friday 10am-4.30pm
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'Transporting Art' Exhibition
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Sunday to Friday 10am-4.00pm
Old Treasury Building, Spring Street
'School Days' Exhibition
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Saturday 11 July 10am-4.30pm
Victorian Archives Centre
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Saturday 25 July 10am-4.30pm
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Saturday 29 August 10am-4.30pm
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