June 2018

Sir Rupert Hamer Awards

Award winners announced

The Records Management Awards were held on 3 May at Queens Hall, Parliament House.
Winners on the night were:

Award Winners
  • Cardinia Shire Council
  • Victorian Auditor-General's Office

Commendation Certificates

  • Manningham City Council
  • Victorian Auditor-General's Office
  • Emergency Services Sector Special Interest Group

Most Valuable Transfer to PROV was awarded to the Department of Premier and Cabinet for the Royal Commission into Family Violence digital records.

Congratulations to all the winners!

For more information & photos, visit the page here.

Records Management Network

May 2018 Recap

Another successful RMN was held during May, with presentations given by:
  • Victorian Ombudsman - Deborah Glass Recordkeeping - why does it matter?
  • Helen Anstis - Service Victoria How government is changing work to meet the digital age
  • Alan Kong - Western Health One corporate records manager, 7000 staff
  • Ruth Edge - Cardinia Shire Council Riding the A.I. Wave
  • Joanne Boyd - Supreme Court of Victoria Recordkeeping in the digital age: a case study
Presentations will be made available shortly on our website and will be found here.

New Appraisal Page on the Website

Process to determine record capture and retention requirements

New content relating to appraisal is available. The content covers off:
  • What is appraisal?
  • PROV appraisal framework
  • Appraisal to determine retention requirements -- temporary records and permanent records

The webpage can be found here.

Guidance on RDA Development

Step-by-step Guide

New content is now available on our website to help guide you through the RDA development process. Guides available are:

The step-by-step information can also be viewed here.

Update of Common Administrative Functions RDA

PROS 07/01

Recently we asked for feedback on PROS 07/01 in order to develop a new and more current RDA.  While we are still wanting your feedback, this project has been delayed due to other priorities, namely the redevelopment of the Digital Archive.

For more information about this RDA project, including how to provide feedback, visit the page here.

Updates from the Standards and Policy Team

Standards and Specification Review
  • Strategic Management - Final feedback is being sought on changes to the Strategic Management Standard and associated documents. Final comments are due by 6 July.
  • Proposed merge of Capture, Control and VERS Standards - Revision of the Principles and Requirements of these Standards into one cohesive set is currently underway. It is proposed that the new documents will be called the Create, Capture and Control Standard and Specification. Feedback is being sought until 6 July.

Please email if you would like to provide feedback or attend a workshop to discuss the proposal. Further information can be found here.

Recordkeeping Assessment Tool
PROV has signed a contract with a software development company to build the recordkeeping assessment tool. Expected completion date of the build is December 2018. Stay tuned for further details.

New RDA: Historical Homosexual Conviction Expungement Scheme

PROS 18/02

A new RDA to authorise the disposal of records under the Historical Homosexual Conviction Expungement Scheme has been developed.

This RDA covers functions unique to the assessment of applications for the expungement of convictions or findings of guilt relating to "historical homosexual offences" as defined in the Historical Homosexual Conviction Expungement Scheme, created under part 8 of the Sentencing Act 1991.

PROS 18/02 can be found here.

New RDA: Expert Panels

PROS 18/03

A new RDA relating to Expert Panels is now available. Expert Panels occur when a group of specialised practitioners are appointed to a panel to discuss, deliberate and make recommendations on a particular case or topic.

This RDA covers functions including:
  • Panel establishment and administration
  • Case management
  • Complaints

PROS 18/03 can be found here.

Archival Snapshot: Prison Break

Escape from Pentridge Gaol

27th August, 1955 - the escape of prisoners from Pentridge Gaol.

Five men were playing football in the gaol grounds, being supervised by three unarmed warders, when they chose to make their escape.

Read about their life outside of prison walls, their recapture and  the subsequent inquiry undertaken.
All the details here.

Upcoming Events

What's on the horizon?

Saturday 30 June, 10am-4:30pm
Victorian Archives Centre
Saturday Opening

Sunday 1 July, 2:30pm-3:30pm
Old Treasury Building, Spring Street
The Australian Sketchbook: Colonial life and art of ST Gill

Wednesday 4 July, 1pm-2pm
Old Treasury Building, Spring Street
Introducing 'Gold Rush: 20 objects, 20 stories'

Thursday 12 July, 11am-11:30am
Old Treasury Building, Spring Street
Diggers on the road to Bendigo, ST Gill

Saturday 14 July, 10am-4:30pm
Victorian Archives Centre
Saturday Opening

Tuesday 17 July, 11am-11:30am
Old Treasury Building, Spring Street
Caroline Chisholm's letter and sketch, 15 Nov 1854

Saturday 28 July, 10am-4:30pm
Victorian Archives Centre
Saturday Opening

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