October 2019

New Recordkeeping Standards

Standards and Specifications now online

New Recordkeeping Standards and Specifications have been issued which set out the mandatory requirements that must be applied by all Victorian public offices. Thank you to everyone who contributed to their development. 

The Storage Standard and Specification will now be reviewed. Contact Alison McNulty if you are interested in contributing.

For further details please see the PROV website here.

New Digitisation Requirements

Recordkeeping for Government

New products to support digitisation best practice have recently been issued on the following :

  • PROS 19/07 Converted or Digitised Records Retention and Disposal Authority (RDA)
  • PROS 19/05 S1 Digitisation Specification
  • PRO 58 Digitisation Plan Template
  • PRO 59 Digitisation Plan - Certificate of Compliance

Read all about it, on PROV's blog here. The blog includes a link to the topic page on Digitisation.

New Retention and Disposal Authority 

Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse 2017

A new RDA has been issued to address recommendations made by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse 2017, concerning the retention and disposal of records. 

The new RDA, PROS 19/08, specifies records of organisational response to child sexual abuse allegations and incidents that are required as State Archives and provides for the lawful disposal of records not required permanently after specified periods. 

Read about the new RDA and how it relates to existing RDAs at the PROV website here.

Recordkeeping Assessment Tool

Recordkeeping for Government

A new tool is being developed, in conjunction with a system development company, to enable public offices to assess and measure their recordkeeping performance maturity against the PROV Standards. 

It is expected to be ready for use by the end of 2019.

Transfer and RDA projects update

A reminder about services

The Digital Archive Program is a significant project currently being undertaken to update and improve our entire digital archiving environment. The implementation of the new digital archive will mean faster digital ingest and enhanced capability to describe, preserve and provide access to public records.

As a result of this work we've had a reduced capacity to take on new RDA development projects.

Get more information about these projects and what it means for you on our Projects' page.

Office 365 update

New topic page

A new topic page on implementing good recordkeeping practices for Office 365 is now on our website. Thank you to everyone who participated in the recent survey; a formal report on the results is being finalised and will be published in due course. 

Check out the Office 365 topic page.

PROV Glossary

Updated definitions 

Unsure of the terminology used on our website? Do you want to clarify a key word or definition?

Our glossary has recently been updated and outlines key terms used within our documentation and on our website.

The glossary can be found here.

Metadata requirements

New topic page

Metadata for recordkeeping refers to descriptive information about the content, context, structure and management of records.
A set of minimum mandatory metadata elements for use by public offices has been developed. This specification outlines:
  • metadata elements that must be captured for all records
  • additional metadata elements that must be captured for high value records and records with long term or permanent retention periods.
Read more about this topic and how you can best capture metadata at our topic page.

For the excitement of the game: The story of Edna Hill

Archival snapshot

Edna Hill's crime spree began in 1920, when she was just 20 years old. Black-haired, blue-eyed Edna, who had never been in trouble before, "succumbed to temptation" as the newspapers put it, and stole from her employer.

She was working as a domestic servant at the home of Mr and Mrs Harling. While Edna was making the bed one day, she came across Mr Harling's wallet. She took it.

Read more about Edna Hill's story on our blog.

Upcoming Events
What's on the horizon

Wednesday 16 October
History Council of Victoria
Anarchy in the Archive: The Protest Collection at Museums Victoria
Museum curators have been out and about documenting a number of significant political, Indigenous, environmental and feminist protest movements in recent years.

Monday 25th November, 10:00am - 4:00pm
Victorian Archives Centre
Place of Deposit Collection Day: Ballarat
This is a free information session for PROV's Place of Deposit (POD) Network, and for community groups interested in finding out more about the program. It is an all day event with speakers from PROV as well as practical demonstrations about caring for and digitising archival collections from Victoria Collections staff.




Saturday 12 October, 10.00am-4:30pm
Victorian Archives Centre
Saturday Opening

Saturday 26 October, 10.00am-4:30pm
Victorian Archives Centre
Saturday Opening

Saturday 9 November, 10.00am-4:30pm
Victorian Archives Centre
Saturday Opening

Saturday 30 November, 10.00am-4:30pm
Victorian Archives Centre
Saturday Opening

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