January 2015

New records for a new year!

Explore the new records opened this January

As of the 1st of January, previously closed Section 9 files are open for viewing. Amongst these records is a capital case file, criminal trial briefs, divorce files and asylum records from 1938-39. There are also teacher record books, Aboriginal cultural heritage files and even hospital patient index cards. For a full list of the files now available hit the search button below. And keep your eye on the PROV Blog over the coming weeks for a sample of some of the files we've found!

New Reading Room Limits

Please note user order limit changes now in place

    User order limits have now changed to 4 records per delivery, with a maximum of 12 records loaned out per person at any one time.

    For many people this will have no impact, but we realise this may be an issue for some. To assist those affected PROV will work with those current researchers who, because of the nature of their research, have been provided with higher user limits to determine a suitable interim arrangement. Special requests regarding order limits can be made via our Online Enquiry Form.

    This change will allow PROV to use its resources to maximise collection usage through servicing both online and physical access.

    Ballarat mining surveys

    Digital records now available for download

    This newly-digitised series of maps and plans (PROV, VPRS 1019 Mining Surveyor's Surveys, Ballarat East Division) is a great resource for researching property and land in the Ballarat East area, in particular mining activities that took place on properties in this area in the late 1800s.

    Initially created by the local mining surveyors, these sketches provide an insight into lease and licence applications, territorial disputes and private properties where mining was taking place. The records also document the many mining companies that were operating in the Ballarat East area at the time.

    Archival Snapshot of the month

    War emergency nurses

    Each month our Access Services Officers select some of their favourite stories and records from the archive for our regular 'Archival Snapshot' blog post.  

    This month Phoebe Wilkens delves into our records relating to war emergency nurses. In 1915 there was increased need for nurses to help with the war effort so nurses were asked to sign up in the military hospitals. When these nurses signed up as “war emergency nurses”,   they could not have imagined that the register which authenticates their qualification would become a unique part of Victoria’s Nursing history.


    Celebrating 150 years of Sebastopol

    Looking back at the history of Sebastopol with the Ballarat Archive Centre

      Sebastopol was a long, thin, little township, strung out along the gold mines between Buninyong in the south and Ballarat, the bustling town just over Rubicon Street, in the north.  Shops and houses shared the township with mines and mullock heaps.

      On 1 October 1864, the Borough of Sebastopol separated from Buninyong Shire. To mark this milestone, we look back at the history of the town.


      Do you want to see your research published?

      We are now calling for submissions for Provenance

      The 2014 edition of our journal, Provenance, featured a range of research into regional towns and reservoirs, letterheads, ghost stories, and murder.

      Have you been researching your family or town? Or have you delved deeper into some of our crime files? Maybe you've found some interesting records related specifically to your area of study - such as law or architecture. Then why not write about it!

      Submit your research article to the 2015 edition of Provenance before the 4th of May.

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        Upcoming Events

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        The Reading Room is now open for 2015.
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