November 2015

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Records Management Network recap

Final RMN for 2015 held on 30th October
Friday 30 October saw the final Records Management Network (RMN) event for 2015, hosted at the Victorian Archives Centre.

The event featured presentations from expert staff on key research and development areas at PROV. Andrew Waugh spoke about the future of email and posed ideas on how to effectively manage it. Howard Quenault presented on IM3 (Information Management Maturity Measurement), a self-assessment maturity model. Finally, Peter Francis followed up his March RMN discussion on SIARD (Software Independent Archiving of Relational Databases) with an introduction to a portable database preservation environment.

Thank you to all attendees. The presentations will be available on the PROV website shortly. We hope to see you all at the next RMN in early 2016!

Planning for the worst

More Government recordkeeping tips
Imagine how you'd feel if on a Monday morning you went into work and headed down to the basement (which is where your records are stored) only to find it's turned into a cross between a swimming pool and an open sewer, or, if one night you receive a phone call explaining your office was gutted by fire; including the records storage area you're responsible for.

While having a Disaster Management and Recovery Plan won't stop a burst pipe or a fire, it can make recovering from such an event a lot easier.


What is 'Moveable Heritage'?

Not for sale! Limits on the international trade of records in Australia

Most people in the heritage and archives community understand that Victorian public records are protected from being illegally sold or removed, damaged or destroyed. Perhaps less well know is that most records held by PROV and other Australian Federal, State and Territory archives are also protected as 'Moveable Heritage'. This means that these records cannot be legally exported outside of Australia without a permit.


Report finds systematic recordkeeping failures across Victorian government

Greater IM emphasis and investment critical to avoid waste & loss of confidence
Earlier this year PROV, in conjunction with Landell, completed a review of the compliance of Victorian Government agencies with their records management obligations prescribed by the Public Records Act 1973.

The key finding to come from the report is that a greater emphasis and investment in information management, within agencies, is critical to avoiding waste and loss of public confidence.

Click here to find out more.

Victorian history projects honoured at Victorian Community History Awards

Winners announced at Arts Centre ceremony
Presented by PROV, in partnership with the Royal Historical Society of Victoria, the annual Victorian Community History Awards recognise the work of individuals and organisations committed to telling stories of local history.

A book about the life of one of Australia's most loved gardeners - Jean Galbraith - was announced as the 2015 Victorian Community History Award winner at a ceremony held at the Arts Centre on Monday 19th October.

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners! A full list of the award winners is available here.

Last word...

New 'Soldier On' exhibition now open at Old Treasury Building.
A new exhibition about the Victorian solider settler experience is now showing at Old Treasury Building.

Soldier On: WWI Soldier Settlement Stories features records from PROV revealing previously untold stories of the Victorian soldier settler experience.

Through original archival records, as well as first-hand video and photos, the exhibition will take visitors through the establishment of the WWI Soldier Settlement Scheme in Victoria, and the harsh realities of life on a soldier settlement farm.

More information can be found here.

What's on?

November and December 2015
Monday to Friday, 10am-4.30pm
Victorian Archives Centre
Transporting Art Exhibition

Now showing

Sunday to Friday, 10am-4pm
Old Treasury Building, Spring Street
Soldier On Exhibition

Now Showing

Saturday 14 November, 10am-4.30pm
Victorian Archives Centre
Saturday Opening

Tuesday 17 November, 11am
Old Treasury Building, Spring Street
Soldier On Exhibition Tour

Friday 20 November, 11am
Old Treasury Building, Spring Street
Behind the Scenes Tour (last for 2015)

Tuesday 24 November, 2pm
Old Treasury Building, Spring Street
Soldier On Exhibition - Free floor talk

Saturday 28 November, 10am-4.30pm
Victorian Archives Centre
Saturday Opening

Saturday 12 December, 10am-4.30pm
Victorian Archives Centre
Saturday Opening

Tuesday 15 December, 11am
Victorian Archives Centre
Free Tour of the Archive

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