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Issue #1st Quarter 2013/14

A Public Record

Sir Rupert Hamer Awards

For more information on the awards please see our website or contact or on 9348 5659.

The Sir Rupert Hamer Records Management Awards are held annually by Public Record Office Victoria in collaboration with the Public Records Advisory Council.  The Awards seek to highlight the importance of good recordkeeping in ensuring the effective accountability of government and the efficient operation of public administration in the State of Victoria.  The Awards are held in order to recognise excellence and innovation in records management.
The Awards were held on 16th May 2013 at Queen’s Hall, Parliament House with approximately 140 guests in attendance from across Victorian Government, the records management sector and archival communities.
The Awards ceremony was hosted by Justine Heazlewood, Director and Keeper of Public Records.  The keynote speaker for the Awards was Grantly Mailes, Victoria’s first Chief Technology Advocate and the Deputy Secretary, Innovation and Technology Division, Department of State Development, Business and Innovation.
The event showcased a number of projects highlighting the importance of good recordkeeping.  Many projects this year focused on the digitisation of records.

Regional / Rural Agency category
Winner: Latrobe Regional Hospital
Project: Records Management Archiving Project
The records management archiving project was instigated to efficiently manage archival documents from the various amalgamated hospitals while ensuring archival records were retained and disposed of in accordance with legal requirements.
Certificate of Commendation: Wannon Region Water Corporation
Project: Taking the Risk out of Records at Wannon Water
A records risk assessment was conducted in July 2012 in the context of PROV Standards in order to better manage and improve records management maturity.  The assessment was conducted by using the Wannon Water Corporate Risk Evaluation Framework.  This enabled Wannon Water to align the records management and corporate risk management functions.

Community Archives Category 1
Winner: Loddon Shire Council
Project: Digitisation of the East Loddon “Soldiers Medals & Memorial Register 1915-1920” to enable accessible research by the East Loddon Historical Society for the Great War Centenary.
A survey of records was conducted as part of Loddon Shire Council’s transfer and disposal program.  The survey identified a very early and unique volume of the Soldiers Medals and Memorial Register.  The digitisation of this record provides extra information that is of value to the East Loddon and District Historical Society in its research into the lives and histories of the local young men who fought during the war.
Certificate of Commendation: Wannon Region Water Corporation
Project: Wannon Water Records Transfer to Places of Deposit at Hamilton, Casterton and Warrnambool
This project addresses the issue of the management of large volumes of historical records created by some of Wannon Region Water Corporation’s predecessor agencies.  The records identified were transferred to the local Places of Deposit at Hamilton, Casterton and Warrnambool.
Community Archives Category 2
Winner: Box Hill Historical Society
Project: Digitising the City of Box Hill Rate Books

The purpose of this project was to make available to the community and to the Box Hill Historical Society for their own research, a complete sequence of the City of Box Hill rate books. The digitisation of these rate books addressed a gap in the collection. It is understood that this was the first volunteer-based history group to undertake a digitising project in partnership with Public Record Office Victoria.



Winners of Trophies and Certificates of Commendation are detailed below.
Most Valuable transfer to PROV
Winner: Land Victoria
Project: Transfer of Crown Grants, Titles and Leases
Land Victoria has carefully planned for the transfer of 3.8 million paper land titles to Public Record Office Victoria (PROV).  The transfer includes mining leases, crown leases and freehold titles, dating from 1863 to 2002, and is the largest physical transfer to be undertaken to PROV.

Small Agency category
Winner: Agriculture Victoria Services
Project: AVS Technology Transfer Management System Implementation
AVS identified that the lack of a modern technology transfer management system was a significant risk to the continued growth and effective performance of its commercialisation activities.  This project addresses weakness in the current system.
Certificate of Commendation:  Regional Rail Link Authority
Project: Implementation of a project wide web-based collaboration tool for the Regional Rail Link project
As the single largest rail investment in Victoria’s history, the Regional Rail Link project will deliver a new rail line from the west of Werribee to Deer Park via the existing rail corridor through to Southern Cross Station.  The constant exchange of information between six distinctive work packages required the implementation of a collaboration tool to be utilised by all project partners.
 Medium Agency category
Winner:  Melbourne Water
Project: Info Program
The Info Program was a collection of interrelated projects that delivered the Melbourne Water Information Management Strategy.  The outcomes achieved resulted in significant improvements in Melbourne Water’s Information Management capacity.  One outcome was the establishment of an innovative information governance model.
Large Agency category

Certificate of Commendation: Victoria University
Project: Keeping Track of Social Media at Victoria University

This project focused on activities undertaken to get control of Social Media use at Victoria University. These activities involved strategic, governance and records management components which contributed to the overall management of Social Media at Victoria University.



Product Compliance

For more information on compliance, contact

Oracle is currently undergoing VERS testing for their product Oracle Webcenter Content.  The product has achieved VERS compliance for Specifications 3 to 5 in June 2013 with testing to commence for Specifications 1 and 2.

Australian National Data Service Metadata Project

For more information on the Australian National Data Service Metadata Project, please contact Graham McCusker, on 9348 5615 or email

This project is now entering its final stages with the software tools and processes all installed and functional at Public Record Office Victoria. Initial series metadata has been harvested by ANDS and is now being checked for compliance with their quality standards. The final stage of this project is to complete the documentation and publish details of the solution to an open source hosting platform so that other archives can review (and hopefully reuse) the tools we have developed. State Records New South Wales has also had series metadata harvested by ANDS and has successfully concluded it’s testing. The project should be completed by early August.

Retention and Disposal

Find out more about current Retention and Disposal Authorities.

A minor variation (Variation 2) has been issued for PROS 07/01 General Retention & Disposal Authority for Records of Common Administrative Functions.  The changes that have been made relate to the following two activities only:
  • 7.4.0 GOVERNMENT RELATIONS – Cabinet Business Management

For further details please consult page 4 of PROS 07/01 General Retention & Disposal Authority for Records of Common Administrative Functions and the relevant classes within the Authority.

Retention and Disposal Authorities that have been recently issued include:
  • PROS 13/02 Retention & Disposal Authority for Records of the Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority
  • PROS 13/03 Retention & Disposal Authority for Records of the Adult Multicultural Education Service (AMES)
  • PROS 13/04 Retention & Disposal Authority for Records of the Public Interest Monitor

The url for all current Retention and Disposal Authorities is:

For more information about the Disposal program, email or contact Emma Murray, Acting Manager, Appraisal and Documentation telephone 9348 5646,

For more information about the review contact Julie McCormack, Acting Senior Manager Government Recordkeeping, telephone 9348 5630, email


Recently completed transfers include:

  • DSE: Historic Records Plans and Pre-emptive Rights Plans (VPRS  8168 /P0007)
  • Victorian Commission for Gambling & Liquor Regulation, Indexes (VPRS 17084/P0001
  • Moorabool Shire Council: Rate and Valuation Records (VPRS 16316/P0002, VPRS 6965/P0002, VPRS 16988/P0001, VPRS 17297/ P0001)
  • Bayside City Council: Rate and Valuation Records (VPRS 14659/P0002, VRPS 14661/P0002, VPRS 573/ P0005)
  • Loddon Shire: Council Minutes (VPRS 16928/P0001 & P0002, VPRS 16986/P0001 to P0005, VPRS 16987 /P0001)
  • Moreland City Council: Photographic Collection (VPRS 16773)
  • Melbourne City Council: Various Records (VPRS 11198/P0001, VPRS 17106/P0001, VPRS 17107/P0001, VPRS 17108/P0001, VPRS 17109/P0001, VPRS 17110/P0001, VPRS 17128/P0001, VPRS 17129/P0001, VPRS 17130/P0001, VPRS 17131/P0001, VPRS 17132/P0001, VPRS 17133/P0001, VPRS 17134/P0001, VPRS 17135/P0001, VPRS 17136/P0001, VPRS 17137/P0001, VPRS 17138/P0001, VPRS 16940/P0002)

Transfer projects currently in progress include:

  • 2009 Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission: Records of the Commission (digital)
  • Department of Treasury and Finance: Correspondence
  • Supreme Court: Jury Records, Divorce, Criminal Case Records
  • Heritage Victoria: Slide Collections, Digital and Physical
  • Wellington Shire: Council Minutes
  • Yarra Ranges Council: Various Council Records
  • Veterinary Practitioners Registration Board: Reports, Minutes
  • Horsham Rural City Council: Minutes
  • Metropolitan Fire & Emergency Services Board: Incident Reports
  • Land Victoria: Crown Grants, Freehold Titles and Leases (stage 2)
  • County Court: Investment Records
  • Office of the Administrator: SECV Photo Collections
  • Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority: Records
  • Parliament Legislative Assembly: Speaker Files
  • Frankston Shire: Various Council Records
  • Monash City Council: Rate and Voter Records
  • Brimbank City Council: Council Minutes
  • Port of Melbourne: Drawings
  • Mental Health Review Board: Register of Determinations

Standards and Policy

For more information on Standards and Policy, please contact Alan Kong, on 9348 5720 or

Cloud Computing
We are pleased to announce the release of our latest policy: Recordkeeping Implications of Cloud Computing and two supporting guidelines: Cloud Computing Decision Making and Cloud Computing Tools.
The policy and guidelines are now available for download from our website:
The key messages of this policy are that:
·Agencies should include recordkeeping risks when conducting a risk assessment of moving to the cloud.
·Particular care should be taken with placing sensitive or private information in the cloud.
·Cloud solutions should comply with Victorian legislation and government policy.
·Cloud agreements should contain terms that safeguard State information.
Assistance with these requirements is contained in the guidelines for the policy.
The Recordkeeping Policy: Recordkeeping Implications of Cloud Computing and its supporting guidelines were developed in accordance with issues determined by, and feedback received, on the Recordkeeping Implications of Cloud Computing Issues Paper.
We would like to thank all those involved in the consultation process.
Back Up Technology
We are also pleased to announce the release of another Recordkeeping Policy: Use of Back Up Technology to Archive
This policy is now available for download from our website:
Archiving is the process of ensuring that data is kept accessible for future use, even though day-to-day use of the data has ceased. Back up technology is used to recover data over the short term when it has been corrupted or destroyed by hardware failure, software failure, operator error, or malicious action.
The key messages of this policy are not to use back up technology to archive data, and to minimise the use of individual media used to archive. This is to ensure the accessibility and readability of data for the duration of their retention periods. 
A Guideline to accompany the Policy is currently being developed.
The Recordkeeping Policy: Use of Back Up Technology to Archive (and the forthcoming Guideline) were also developed in accordance with issues determined by and feedback received on the Use of Back Up Technology to Archive Issues Paper.
We would like to thank all those involved in the consultation process.

Information Management Maturity Measurement Tool

For more information about these projects and all things VERS, please contact Cathy Meynell-James, telephone 0419 580 865 or email

Government Services has finished development of a simple yet effective tool called the IM3 (Information Management Maturity Measure) to provide Government Departments and Agencies with ways to objectively assess how they are tracking against the whole of government Information Management Standards. This tool, being released in July 2013, will enable agencies to have a clear and simple check-up on how they are tracking against a range of measures for how electronic information and records are being stored, accessed, shared and managed within their agency. Importantly, the tool also provides a range of resources for agencies to increase their level of maturity in each of the areas identified.

Government Services Staff Member of the Quarter

Stephanie Faulkner

After working for nine years as a Ward Clerk in the Special Care Nurseries at the Mercy Hospital for Women, I took the plunge and commenced on a career change.  I spent two years studying the Graduate Diploma of Information and Knowledge Management (Archives stream) part-time at Monash University and continued to support my studies by working alternate weekends at the Mercy.  Known to my friends as “the eternal student”, I also hold a Bachelor of Applied Science (Parks, Recreation & Heritage) and a Master of Cultural Heritage.
My University Archives professional practice was supervised by the Archivist at The Royal Children’s Hospital.  During this time, the transfer of the Royal Children’s Hospital Archives to Public Record Office Victoria was in its infancy and I am now in a position to see the completion of this transfer.

In late 2011 I was given the opportunity to relieve for the Archivist at The Royal Melbourne Hospital for a seven month period.  The Archivist was on secondment within the hospital and she was therefore able to supervise me in my first position as a qualified Archivist.  We treated the experience like extended work experience!  My achievements in this position included the writing and installation of two exhibitions, contributing content to two more exhibitions, and being involved in the writing of two publications.
In October 2012 I was fortunate to be given a three month contract as a Records and Archives Analyst with PROV’s Appraisal and Disposal team.  This was extended and gave me the opportunity to learn about events management through the Sir Rupert Hamer Records Management Awards – at the same time as organising my wedding.  The next two months see me working in the Standards and Policy team.
I currently live with my dad, sister and my cat Smokey, but am in the process of moving in with my fiancé Tim.

Quote of the Quarter

"The possession of knowledge does not kill the sense of wonder and mystery. There is always more mystery"
Anais Nin

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