August 2017

Lotus Notes Proof of Concept Project

Government email analysis

Victorian Government operations and activities are delivered within a legislative and policy framework that requires information to be available, valued and managed in order to be accountable. Currently, access to email for requests (i.e. FOI, inquiries, etc), for the purpose of analysis and for evidence of decision making is expensive and time consuming. PROV will be undertaking a Proof of Concept to test a process to address these shortcomings.

An e-Discovery tool will be used to analyse a set of department emails, identifying and eliminating redundant, obsolete and trivial emails (estimated at 70% of the total volume of emails in the sample).

Benefits to Government include more efficient service delivery, more transparent and accountable government and reduced costs of email storage and retrieval. The PROV team are currently procuring a tool for this purpose and undertaking the development of business rules for testing. The project is expected to run over the next 6 months.

Agency Recordkeeping Survey

Recordkeeping training practices

Over the coming weeks PROV will be distributing a survey to agencies around their current recordkeeping training practices. The information collected from this survey will help inform PROV's ongoing training provisions by identifying gaps and key issues, whilst also determining what agencies use PROV's online recordkeeping training module, and what agencies have their own dedicated programme.

The survey will be directed at individuals who are responsible for managing the records in their agency. We ask that Record Managers keep an eye out for the survey and take the time to complete it so that PROV is better positioned to develop tools to assist agencies in delivering effective recordkeeping training.

Recordkeeping Assessment Tool

PROV is developing a Recordkeeping Assessment Tool for agencies to check the maturity of their practices against the requirements of the Recordkeeping Standards and Specifications. The tool will enable agencies to assess their practices and determine which aspects require further improvement. The plan is for the tool to be able to produce reports for the agencies which use it and for it to be usable for the whole organisation or for individual business units.

Content for the tool has been drafted with input from a stakeholder advisory group. This content is now being piloted with a number of agencies to test the approach, structure and wording and will then be revised accordingly.
Once the content is finalised, a software developer will be procured and the tool will be built. The tool, along with guidance materials will then be made available via the PROV website.

New Museum and Gallery Functions RDA

PROS 17/03

A new RDA to authorise the disposal of records documenting museum and gallery functions has been released.

The new RDA covers records that document the development and management of collections, their exhibitions and access by/engagement with audiences, and specialised commercial operations related to the acquisition and maintenance of the collection.

Currently the RDA applies to records created and held by Museums Victoria, National Gallery of Victoria and higher education institutions.

The RDA can be accessed here.

New pages on the PROV Website

Check out two new pages recently added to the PROV Website:

Water Authorities - Information about recordkeeping responsibilities in the water industry.

Website - managing websites as records.

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