December 2019

Review of Storage Standard and Specifications

Request for feedback

Work has commenced on the review of PROV's Storage Standard and Specifications. As a first step, we will be consulting on the proposed scope and a number of underlying issues. A Consultation Paper seeking feedback will be available on the PROV website in mid December. If you would like to have papers and drafts emailed directly to you, please contact Alison McNulty ( 

New Retention and Disposal Authority

Major Infrastructure and Development Projects

A new RDA has been issued for Records of Major Infrastructure and Development Projects. The new RDA, PROS 19/09, specifies records relating to major land, property and precinct development projects, social and economic capital works projects, and associated functions, that are required as State Archives and provides for the lawful disposal of records not required permanently after specified periods.

Access the new RDA here.

Request for feedback on Sustainable Digital File Formats and Information Management Requirements 

Request for feedback by ADRI by 18th December

The Australasian Digital Recordkeeping Initiative has prepared draft guidance on Sustainable Digital File Formats and Information Management requirements for Software as a Service (SAAS), and is seeking feedback from interested parties.

The consultation draft about Sustainable Digital File Formats can be found here, and the Information requirements for SAAS are here

If you have any questions contact Andrew Waugh (

Recordkeeping Assessment Tool (RKAT)

Recordkeeping for Government

RKAT can be used to measure different aspects of your organisational recordkeeping maturity, in relation to the PROV Standards. This online tool is nearing completion and will be made available via PROV's website.

Service Delivery

A reminder about services

The Digital Archive Program is a significant project currently being undertaken to update and improve our entire digital archiving environment. The implementation of the new digital archive will mean faster digital ingest and enhanced capability to describe, preserve and provide access to public records.

As a result of this work we've had a reduced capacity to take on new RDA development projects.

Get more information about these projects and what it means for you on our Projects' page.

Digital Archive

Program update

The aim of the Digital Archive program is to increase the value and use of Victoria's digital and digitised records. 

To achieve this aim, PROV is updating and improving our entire digital archiving environment. 

Read more about this program on our website.

Machine assisted email appraisal projects

Managing Lotus Notes emails

During 2017/18 PROV undertook a Proof of Concept project with CenITex to test an eDiscovery tool on a sample set of Lotus Notes emails, focusing on disposal outcomes.

During 2019/20 PROV is undertaking a Pilot project to further test the eDiscovery tool as well as other available tools, this time to focus on appraisal outcomes.

Read more about this project here.

Records Management Network

November 2019 Recap

Another successful RMN was held during November, with a focus on recordkeeping in the health sector. Presentations were given by:
  • Josephine De Blasio and Susan Joseph - Office of the Health Complaints Commissioner Health Privacy in Victoria 
  • Andrea Wecke - Eastern Health Digital Health Records
  • Jennie Hyland - LaTrobe Community Health Service Is the management of records in a health service a fine art or more of a balance and juggle?
  • Alan Kong - Western Health Corporate Records Management
Presentations are available via our website.

The Kamarooka panther

Archival snapshot

On a Thursday night in January, 1907 sisters Alheith and Trine Christensen were driving through the Whipstick to the family farm at Kamarooka.  Climbing a crest some 18 miles north of Bendigo they saw what they thought to be a fox atop the hill. The animal appeared to have no fear and approached their buggy.

The women described the animal as three-to-four feet in length with a long tail, thick neck and head, like a cat, tall with a glossy brown body and lighter undercarriage, and walking "in a sneaking attitude and gait peculiar to that species".

After that sighting other people came forward stating that they, too, had seen a strange animal in the scrub at different times over several months.

The sisters were convinced they had come face-to-face with a panther. Could they be classed as credible witnesses?

Read more about the Kamarooka panther.

Upcoming Events

What's on the horizon

Monday - Friday 10:00am-4:30pm
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In The Shadows
In The Shadows features archival images from the State Government and National Archives collections, alongside contemporary street photography.

Tuesday 10 December 11:00am-12:00pm
Old Treasury Building
Christmas Traditions around the World
Enjoy a whimsical look into Christmas and the traditions associated with this festive occasion.


Saturday 14 December 2019, 10.00am-4:30pm
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