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Better Work Indonesia is part of the Better Work global program, which is a unique partnership between the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC).  It unites the expertise of the ILO in labour standards with that of the IFC in private sector development. Better Work Indonesia, which became operational in July 2011, is initially designed as a five-year program. The goal is to develop a sustainable approach that will allow the programme to continue independent operations after this five-year period. 
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Better Work Indonesia (BWI) aims to improve compliance with labour standards and promote competitiveness in Indonesia’s apparel industry by assessing current workplace conditions and offering customized advisory and training services to factories to address their individual needs. The Better Work programme helps governments, unions and companies achieve compliance with the International Labour Organization’s (ILO) core labour standards and national labour laws through market incentives. It builds the capacity of employers, governments and unions to work together toward solutions that benefit all.

West Java Announces 2014 Minimum Wage
Tempo, 22 Nov 2013

West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan has signed Gubernatorial Decree on Minimum Wage (UMK) in the region. "The highest UMK in 2014 is in Karawang Regency with Rp2,447,450; the lowest is Majalengka Regency with Rp1 million," Ahmad said yesterday.

Last year, Bekasi city held the highest UMK in West Java. It is now in the third place with Rp2,441,954. The second highest is held by Bekasi Regency with Rp2,447,445.

The fourth position is held by Depok with Rp2,397,000, followed by Bogor City with Rp2,352,350, Bogor Regency with Rp2,242,240, Purwakarta with Rp2.1 million, and Bandung with Rp2 million.

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Banten Governor set the UMK 2014 in seven areas
Antara, 24 Nov 2013
Banten Governor Ratu Atut Chosiyah set Minimum Wage for Cities (UMK) in 2014 to seven areas in Banten, as one more area namely Serang has not been proposed.
Head of Industrial Relations Manpower Ubaidullah in Serang Banten, on Sunday, said the establishment of UMK of seven districts / cities are embodied in Banten Governor Decree No. 151/Kep.582-Huk/2013 November 22 regarding the determination of the minimum wage districts / cities in province Bantam 2014.
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Welcoming BPJS, 15 Regulations still not clear 
Yahoo News, 19 Nov 2013

Less than 50 days to the Social Security Agency (BPJS) Healthcare should already be in operation. Precisely, January 1, 2104 as mandated by Law No.. 24 of 2011 on BPJS.
Through the law, all Indonesian citizens and foreigners who work here are entitled to health protection. This non-profit organization that ensures all with a contributions system and funding from the state.
However, until now there are many regulations derived from the law that has not been created ​​by the government. This has triggered concern among some that BPJS health will not run maximum at the beginning of next year.

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Outsourcing rule leads to kickbacks, confusion
Jakarta Post, 22 Nov 2013
As the controversial decree limiting the use of contract workers through the so-called outsourcing method took full effect Monday, businesses have complained over the pervasive illegal fees and the confusion regarding how to comply with the rule. 

The Manpower and Transmigration Ministry issued in November last year Decree No. 19/2012 on outsourcing in which companies will not be permitted to outsource their core business, leaving outsourcing limited to five types of jobs: cleaning services, security, driving, support services on mining sites and catering.

According to the decree, companies outsourcing work outside the allowable five job sectors are required to have them in the form of wholesale services. 

Apindo rejects West Java minimum wage
Jakarta Post, 23 Nov 2013
The Indonesian Employers Association’s (Apindo) West Java branch has filed an objection to the 2014 minimum wage for 26 regencies and cities across West Java. 

“Karawang regency is now recorded as the region with the highest minimum wage, surpassing Jakarta. The main question is, is the cost of living in Karawang higher than in Jakarta?” said West Java Apindo chairman Dedy Wijaya on Friday. 

West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan approved the 2014 minimum wage for Karawang at Rp 2,447,450. The 2014 minimum wage for Jakarta has been set at Rp 2,441,301. 
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Brace for more rallies, say unions
Jakarta Post, 24 Nov 2013
Most of these cities, including the capital, have already set their 2014 minimum wage, and city dwellers are expressing annoyance, even more so than during the first wave of nationwide strikes held Oct. 31 to Nov. 1. 

When asked for a comment, a manager in charge of thousands of cigarette factory workers only texted, “Pusing! [headache]”, during the prior weeks of heated negotiations.

Instead of the Rp 3.7 million they were originally demanding, union boss Said Iqbal has said the Jakarta workers are now seeking Rp 3 million per month, citing the minimum cost of living in the city at Rp 2.8 million. 
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Workers not satisfied with the UMK East Java 2014 numbers
Antara News, 20 Nov 2013
Labor representatives claimed not satisfied with the value of the Minimum Wage Regency / City (UMK) in 2014 which has been designated by the Governor of East Java Soekarwo.
"The decision of the governor is not up to expectations and our initial demands is not like that," said the Presidium of the United People's Movement, Sunandar, after knowing the value of UMK next year in Surabaya on Wednesday.
The highest UMK 2014 which is in Surabaya amounting to Rp2, 2 million. While the lowest value of UMK are in as many as six regions which amounted Rp1 million, respectively Blitar Regency, Blitar City, Ponorogo, Trenggalek, Pacitan and Magetan

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