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Better Work Indonesia is part of the Better Work global program, which is a unique partnership between the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC).  It unites the expertise of the ILO in labour standards with that of the IFC in private sector development. Better Work Indonesia, which became operational in July 2011, is initially designed as a five-year program. The goal is to develop a sustainable approach that will allow the programme to continue independent operations after this five-year period. 
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Better Work Indonesia (BWI) aims to improve compliance with labour standards and promote competitiveness in Indonesia’s apparel industry by assessing current workplace conditions and offering customized advisory and training services to factories to address their individual needs. The Better Work programme helps governments, unions and companies achieve compliance with the International Labour Organization’s (ILO) core labour standards and national labour laws through market incentives. It builds the capacity of employers, governments and unions to work together toward solutions that benefit all.

Two lives lost in Cakung factory fire
Jakarta Post, 26 Sep 2014 

Two women have died in a fire that ravaged a clothing factory, PT Usi Apparel, at the Kawasan Berikat Nusantara (KBN) industrial bonded zone in Cakung in North Jakarta on Thursday.

Jakarta Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Rikwanto told reporters that the bodies of the two female factory workers, 21-year-old Lien Sururoh and 20-year-old Arni Susila, were burned beyond recognition. The police relied on witness testimonies to identify the bodies.

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Wage scale will still consider minimum wage 
Antara News, 24 Sep 2014

Wage scale system which is planned to be implemented in 2015 will put the amount of the minimum wage as concern to ensure the welfare of workers.

"The minimum wage remains as a safety net. But it will be set together with the structure and scale of wages," said Director General of Industrial Relations and Social Security Workers (PHI and Jamsos) Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration, Irianto Simbolon on Wednesday.

Workers and Employer Association questioned the delay of Decent Living Needs Survey
Antara News, Sep 24, 2014 
Trade Unions and the Indonesian Employers Association of Sukabumi questioned the delay of Decent Living Needs (KHL) survey unilaterally by Sukabumi District Councils (Depekab). 

"The time to determine this survey is getting narrower. All the more, by November we should already recommend how much the increase of Sukabumi minimum wage adapted from the survey results on market price that will be used as a reference to determine KHL," said one representative of the Sukabumi Labor Coalition, Hera Iskandar told Antara Wednesday.
Formal Workers Wage is asked to be raised by 30% next year
Bisnis.com, 26 Sep 2014 

Indonesian Trade Union Confederation (KSPI) ask for an increase to the minimum wage of formal workers in 2015 amounted to 30% of the wages of each region in 2014. 

KSPI president, Said Iqbal, said the value of wages in Indonesia be lagging behind some other countries in Southeast Asia, such as Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia that labor wage is above 3.2 million. "If it does not rise, the one who will be disadvantaged is Indonesian labors as we always get wage under Decent Living Needs," he said on Friday (09/26/2014).
PBL works with local government to accelerate the availability of local regulation on building 
Cipta Karya, 24 Sep 2014
Directorate of Building Planning and Environment  (PBL), Directorate General of Human Settlements conducted a series of activities on Accelerated Building Regulation Completion at the district / city through the early second coordination meeting, in Jakarta, Wednesday (09/24/2014). 

Director of PBL, Adjar Prajudi uttered a big plan of activities aimed to develop a common perception and knowledge sharing related to the substance framing of Ranperda on Building and its completion process at the district / city.
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ADB Cuts Growth Forecast for SE Asia; China Steady
ABC News, 25 Sep 2014 

The Asian Development Bank trimmed its economic growth forecast for Southeast Asia this year and next due to slower domestic demand in some of its bigger economies. Its forecasts for China, the world's second largest economy, were unchanged.

Southeast Asia's growth this year is now projected at 4.6 percent, down from an earlier forecast of 5.0 percent and actual growth of 5.0 percent in 2013, the development lender said Thursday.

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Bekasi Workers Demand Rp3.1 Million Wage in 2015
Tempo, Sep 24 2014 

Labor unions in Bekasi, West Java have demanded a salary hike to Rp3.1 million, an increase by Rp750,000 or around 30 percent from the present Rp2.4 million per month.

The Metal Union Labor Federation of Bekasi’s head, Masrul Sambak, said the local wage council was currently mulling over their demand. “The final decision should be taken before November 18,” he told Tempo on Tuesday, September 23.

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