Dear Valued Partners,

Indonesia is one of the leading exporter textile and garment country. This industry had given a significant contribution in the growth of Indonesian economy, and have provided more than 1 million jobs. In line with its growth, garment industry often have to deal with many sensitive problems with regards to industrial relation. In order to help the garment industry in dealing with this, the industry needs to provide a strong foundation in settling industrial relation issues

Therefore, Better Work Indonesia team has created a video which explains the importance of having a Bipartite Cooperation institution in factory level so as to create a mutually beneficial social dialogue for employers and workers.

Aside from that, the industry also facing basic problem related to Occupational Health and Safety. Therefore, in order to increase the factory's awareness and creating a healthy working environment that prioritize Safety, Better Work Team Indonesia has made a video about the importance of having Occupational Health and Safety Committee (P2K3) in a factory.

We are hoping that you find this information beneficial.

Best Regards,

Better Work Indonesia Team