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We would like to formally congratulate Social Enterprise Greenhouse on their successful new brand launch! We had been working closely with Social Enterprise Greenhouse to launch their new brand. As we look to the future of Social Enterprise Greenhouse, we are thrilled to be developing an interactive Social Enterprise Ecosystem Map that will be used as a resource for listing all social enterprise entrepreneurs and supporters, on a national scale. Since you are a friend of Worldways, we will give you a sneak preview of the Map and the opportunity to list your organization first. Visit their website and fill out the form! Stay tuned for the launch of the Ecosystem Map! It will be disruptive!
We are delighted to share with you that our very own website was selected by the International Academy of Visual Arts as a 2013 Communicator Awards winner. Our Marketing Social Impact website received three awards of distinction in the categories of marketing, consulting, and structure and navigation. The Communicator Awards is a prestigious award that counts with over 6,000 entries every year. The award  recognizes creative ideas in marketing and communication.
Worldways and the Delaware Healthy Mother and Infant Consortium (DHMIC) have been working together to launch a statewide initiative called Delaware Thrives, to address the issue of infant mortality. One of the first issues Worldways and DHMIC will tackle is infant mortality due to improper infant sleeping habits. The Delaware Thrives initiative and the Safe Sleep campaign had a soft launch at the DHMIC Annual Summit on April 17th.  For more information about Delaware Thrives or to be notified about the full launch, sign up for updates here! Be sure to follow @DEThrives on Twitter and like Delaware Thrives on Facebook! 


Do you have an innovation in the marketing of social brands, social beliefs or social behavior you’d like to share? Let us know and we will broadcast it through our social reach to a myriad of passionistas just like you!

Gamification of Causes

Over the past few years we have seen remarkable changes in the way people consume and communicate information. We now live in a world where information is delivered to us instantaneously, creatively and interactively. In our work, we have experienced an increasing demand for alternative and creative ways to impact behavior change and learning. This kind of expectation from the consumer shapes the way we, at Worldways, go about our marketing.
Many of our clients have come to us with projects that ask us to meet the challenge of changing behavior, in a world that demands an interactive experience for every bit of information it consumes. We are taking behavior change models, learning theories, social change models and translating them into GAMES. Gamification is a real trend and it is happening all over the marketing space. The process entails taking game thinking and concepts, and integrating them in a non-game context. Allow us to demonstrate how it works.
We recently worked with our friends at First Nations Development Institute to answer the demand for programs to teach Native American youth receiving large per-capita payments about financial literacy. We took our strategy to gaming. We created the My Big Money Game! The My Big Money Game uses conditional logic and takes players through different real-life scenarios of how to spend their money and the consequences of the choices they make, almost like a virtual game of monopoly. The game uses playful language and concepts that this younger audience is familiar with. The game replaces the need for extensive literature and marketing efforts that probably wouldn't be well received with this audience.
In similar fashion, we have worked with Nemours Children’s Hospital to develop an interactive game to teach kids about bike safety. The Wild West Bike Express uses animated characters and takes players through the safety measures of riding a bike. During the game players are forced to think about their character's actions and choose the right course of action. At the end, players are asked questions that cause them to think about their behavior during the game.
As the consumer landscape becomes more sophisticated, your message can become harder to hear if you are using the same methods you used years ago. The key lesson here is to pay attention to your target audience, their behaviors and creatively break into that space. Do you have an idea that needs disruptive marketing? Talk to us, we can help!

My Green

Our social media team launched  the campaign for My Green and the My Big Money Game this past month. My Green is a campaign by First Nations Development Institute that aims to teach Native American youth receiving minor’s trust payments how to better manage their big money.
Even though the campaign will take place mainly on social media, My Green chose to launch the campaign at a live event that gathers hundreds of Native American youth. Worldways and First Nations Development Institute coordinated the online launch with the offline activities for maximum reach. Within the first weeks, the campaign had reached over 16,000 unique users on Facebook. The campaign is still on its first stages, however it has been well received by the youth. You can learn more about our social media work with My Green on their Facebook, Twitter or YouTube!


Springtime in Newport is a beautiful sight. The boats make their way back to the harbor one by one, people start to fill the streets with chatter and the trees slowly bloom, bringing the whole city back to life. If you have ever taken a walk on Bellevue Avenue or taken a stroll through Aquidneck Park you have been a witness to the gorgeous greenery that surrounds the grandiose Newport houses. What you may not know is that Newport is an arboretum city and home to rare tree species in this region.
Every year the City of Newport Tree and Open Space Commission and the Newport Tree Society sponsor the Newport Tree of the Year Contest to bring awareness to the uniqueness of the tree species found in the city. The general public is invited to nominate and vote for a tree they consider worthy of being named the tree of the year.
As advocates of the environment and members of the Newport community, this initiative is of paramount importance to us. Worldways learned about the Tree of the Year Contest and was honored to provide pro-bono support with creative design and printing of the materials for this great initiative.
We would like to extend an invitation to our friends living in or visiting Newport to take part in the nomination and voting for this contest. Anyone can submit a nomination between April 22nd and May 27th. Voting begins on July 1st.  Don’t just hug your favorite tree, nominate it! You can learn more about the Tree of the Year Contest and the Newport Tree Committee here.
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