Featuring St. Anthony Falls Laboratory (SAFL) research on climate change impacts on fish, stormwater runoff treatment, bridge scour monitoring and more.
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Image depicting bridge scour

Trouble beneath the water surface

SAFL tests scour monitoring system to protect Minnesota bridges. The recent flooding on the Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers due to rain events have yielded some interesting data for researchers conducting automated scour monitoring on two bridges in Minnesota. Learn more.
Maplewood Stormwater Retention Pond

Making tracks toward innovation in the stormwater runoff treatment train

Research and demonstration projects across the metropolitan area highlight new methods for reducing stormwater pollution. Cleaning stormwater runoff—the stormwater treatment train—includes a number of phases starting with the removal of larger debris, down to smaller particles and pollutants that are picked up and carried along in the flow following a storm event. Learn more.

Cisco fish species

Minnesota lake warming and cold-water fish

Cold-water fish are stressed as temperatures rise and oxygen is reduced in Minnesota's lakes. Climate change is beginning to impact cold-water fishes in Minnesota. As the water in Minnesota’s many lakes warms, living space (habitat) for cold-water fish is lost.
Learn more.
SAFL high-performance computing cluster

Enabling simulation-based engineering science

SAFL’s new high-performance computing cluster comes online. In recent decades computer simulation has been added to the St. Anthony Falls Laboratory (SAFL) research toolbox, which traditionally included theory, laboratory and field-scale experimentation. 
Learn more
SAFL Director Fotis Sotiropoulos

Director's Perspective

Despite the dust and din of ongoing renovation of our facility, faculty, staff and students continue to advance significant research, education and outreach at the St. Anthony Falls Laboratory (SAFL). This e-issue of the SAFL Channel features research on several issues of major societal significance, and the methodology and results that can be translated to tackle global challenges. More.

St. Anthony Falls Laboratory

Upcoming Events

Warren Lecture featuring Luciano Castillo
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SAFL Grand Reopening Celebration

Recent Events

Math & Science Family Fun Fair

Honors, awards and announcements

Efi Foufoula-Georgiou (civil engineering) is appointed by President Obama to Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board; SAFL and the Department of Mechanical Engineering welcome two new faculty members, Lian Shen and Jiarong Hong. Read about other Honors, Awards and Announcements.

In other news

  • $4.3 million NSF grant supports novel research on landscape vulnerability assessment SAFL graduate student explores sustainable water solutions for developing countries. Read story.
  • SAFL Baffle featured in Center for Transportation Studies Catalyst publication. Read article.
  • Read other SAFL news
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