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Is your brand moving with the times?

Since Google was founded 17 years ago (can you believe it’s been that long?!) its logo has become one of the most iconic pieces of branding in the world. A few minor changes have been made to the logo, but they have generally been pretty subtle (remember when they moved one of the letters a millimeter to the left?!).
But a few days ago Google unveiled a brand new logo that marks the biggest branding change yet in the company's history. The new logo sees the typography change to a simpler sans-serif font, and despite retaining the same color scheme, is dramatically different.
Google’s reasoning for the change is to reflect the changing environment that people now use their product/service.

These days people interact with Google across many different platforms - from computers and mobile phones, to their TV, watch, and even the dashboard of their car. The Google brand now needs to work on the tiniest of screens. 
Additional graphic elements have also been introduced, like the simpler ‘G’ icon, and a colourful ‘Google mic’. Not only will these graphics represent Google in places where the full logo may not work, but it's a way in which the company is creating various ‘touchpoints’ for its users, that reflect the varying nature of the brand itself.

Here’s a great little video that shows the evolution of Google.
We rave on quite regularly about how your 'brand' is so much more than your logo. Your logo is, however, one of the first places people see your brand represented. And that's why it's really important to ensure that it's authentic, true to your brand values, and conveys the style and tone you want people to associate with your business.

An example of this is a re-brand we worked on for one of our clients - SRA Corporate Change. Originally called Sara Redman and Associates, the business name had relied on the recognition and reputation of one of the partners (Sara). The name and logo was fine when the organisation was 'young' and evolving from Sara's coaching business, but as the business grew, it became clear the logo was not representing their range of services, their approach to business nor their clientele the way it should...

Initially, we worked with the group to progress the name - keeping 'SRA' reassured their clients that the business still had the same key personnel, whilst adding 'Corporate Change' addressed their more corporate target market, and alluded to the 'change' they created for their clients and their workplaces. 
Their new logo incorporates a colourful, angular background, designed to represent the multitude of services they provide, as well as their multi-facetted and integrated approach.

From the soft, feminine feel of their original logo, SRA have progressed to a fresh, contemporary and bold style, that more faithfully represents their approach to business and their brand values. As their business has evolved, SRA have ensured their logo has also evolved to truly reflect their brand.

Smart, sneaky and contagious billboards...

In Central London, ad agency M&C Saatchi have created the world’s first artificially intelligent poster campaign, inspired by the idea of natural selection and a real-time focus group.
Based at a bus stop, the ‘responsive’ poster advertises a fictional coffee brand called Bahio, and uses ever-changing creative components – images, fonts, layouts and copy - that evolve according to audience reaction.
A camera embedded in the poster monitors the facial responses of passersby and the length of their engagement. Like natural selection, ineffective components of the poster are then scrapped, while stronger elements are reused, until finally the ‘best, most effective’ ad is produced.
This experimental campaign is the latest example of dynamic advertising, which uses outside elements to determine content. Another similar campaign is
a contagious billboard in Brazil, where a live action poster yawns at passersby to make them crave coffee…
Then there's the 'smart but very sneaky' billboard in Russia, which hides a secret advertisement for banned products from passing policemen.

What we've been up to...

We've just finalised Tourism Northern Tasmania's Spring Events Guide - you may have seen it around in local cafes and galleries. Apart from reinforcing our region's brand, as a place full of eclectic, playful and boutique experiences, it's actually full of some great content! There's heaps of fantastic stuff happening in Northern Tasmania over the next few months (starting with Junction Arts Festival RIGHT NOW!)... so grab a copy of the Guide and get out there!
Speaking of great local events, we've also been helping to promote the new Night Market, which will be happening in Yorktown Square on the last Friday of every month, starting from Friday 25th September.

Another great excuse to get out and about in our region. And oh yeah, it's licensed... 
We don't know the origins, but overnight Twitter lit up with the hashtag #DescribeMyJobToA5YearOld.

As well as individuals, many brands dived right in. You can 
check out more here.

It's actually a really fun exercise! How would you describe your job to a 5 year old? We'd love to hear!

Some final (staggering) figures...

Facebook is often breaking records, but even Mark Zuckerberg made a big deal about it last week when Facebook passed a massive milestone...

1 billion users in a single day.

That's right, one in seven people on earth were logged into Facebook at some point last Monday.
To put this in context, it was only back in October 2012 that Facebook announced it had 1 billion monthly users. Now it's pulled that amount in over one day. 

Facebook even made a nice little video to celebrate. You can watch it here.
Thanks for taking the time to read our message and once again, please feel free to pass this on to anyone you think might be interested.

If you have any ideas on topics you'd like us to cover - that may be of help to your business, or you may just be interested in - please let us know!
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