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"Adorable And You Know It?"
(from Dr. Nathaniel, AidChild's Founder)

AidChild, very special homes, academies and clinics for orphans living with HIV/AIDS in Uganda, East Africa

PHOTO: If you're adorable and you know it, raise your hand. (This is one of our three newest, little Charley-Mac.)

In the coming months, we are going to be talking a lot about the fact that AidChild is about to turn 15 years old!

At this time in the year 2000, I was selling off my belongings, and dreaming of Africa. I had NO idea how big AidChild would become, how many kids would be served, how many partners would come on board, or how broad our influence would be as a team--and as a family.

Our team really has never been nearly as big as our impact. And I am proud of that. Our auditors consistently tell us that we are the "leanest" organization they assess. Our administrative costs are so very, very low, and yet our impact is truly beyond words.

As you begin to receive our notes and messages about the past 15 years--as we reflect and celebrate--one refrain you will hear over and again is that--thanks to our loyal donors and business-incomes--we must raise only $2,500 more every month. If we can close that gap, our already strong sense of sustainability will be complete.

Would you please pray with me, and consider with me, what we might do to reach that meager goal of only $2,500 more per month; remembering that there are so many little Charley-Macs (as in the picture) who have brighter futures because you and I have partnered together to make a difference?

We need you, we thank you, and we bless you!

Much love, 

We can only do this work because of donations from people like you. Thank you for your support. If you'd like to give, it's as easy as clicking here. Thank you.

June 21st is Father's Day! Why not honor the paternal figure(s) in your life with a donation to AidChild?!

We are also looking for ways to honor our dad (Nathaniel). Let us know if you have any ideas!

Have you read a piece of our story in the impressive book "The Call?" If the notion of spiritual purpose resonates with you, you'll love this book. Check it out here.


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