"The past is an inaccurate predictor of the future!" --Nathaniel
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From the journal of Nathaniel Dunigan
Founder of Aidchild, very special homes, academies and clinics for orphans living with AIDS
Uganda, East Africa

Dorah celebrating her full merit-scholarship to a top school!

Five more of my kids have received scholarships to great schools as the result of their high test scores! Once again, they perform in the very, very top of our district! How about that?!

As usual, they amaze me. They have emerged from the most tragic of backgrounds to embrace the most hopeful of futures.

And you, our donors, amaze me as well. Thank you for your generosity across the many, many miles. 

We are working extremely hard in this difficult economy to earn as much of our own budget as possible.  But we still need your support.  If you haven't given this month, would you consider doing so?  It would be wonderful if we could receive one hundred donations of $25 each.  Are you in? It's as easy as clicking here.

Please help us spread the word. The power of $25 surpasses what you can possibly imagine in our village budget. Will you help us reach our goal so that more and more kids can do happy dances like Dorah, filled with promise and the opportunity to effect change in our world?

This is all the result of your active compassion.  I stand in awe.

Heart-deep in gratitude,
--Nathaniel, kids and staff FACEBOOK:LIKE: That is not a valid URL

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