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September News at Naked Dragon
As Autumn heralds its arrival in a burst of stunning autumnal colours, I find myself wondering what happened to the long summer days that seemed to disappear in a whirl of activity with the final preparations for the launch of our exciting new autumn programme.
With dreams of a summer holiday disappearing along with the sunshine, I content myself with taking a daily ‘mini-break’ to meditate and to enjoy the pleasures of living by the river.

Each time I look out of my window, I offer grateful thanks for the gift of living  in such a beautiful location and for having the privelege of spending my days doing the work I love.

And the work I love is all about YOU!
 Whether YOU are a speaker with an inspiring message to communicate; a writer with a story to touch our hearts; a therapist with a gift for healing; an artist with beautiful creations to share; a coach with a passion to create positive change; a teacher facilitating others personal growth; or a fundraiser committed to supporting the less fortunate - whatever your gift or passion - if you have a desire to share your light and love with a wider audience...

Naked Dragon is here to provide a platform to support YOU and to help spread YOUR positive message to the world.
  And for those who prefer to just relax and
enjoy feeling up-lifted and inspired by our top speakers, or to listen to the beautiful music created by our great performers and having fun making new friends at our regular events….rest assured that we are equally passionate about sourcing beautiful venues and creating great spaces to provide memorable experiences for YOU.
No man (or woman!) is an island and Naked Dragon is very blessed to have a wonderful team of supporters and volunteers. Each of these beautiful souls is passionate about playing a role in our shared success and I would like to take this opportunity to offer my heartfelt thanks to Mark, Cim, Bill, Lisa, Jason, Richard, Angela, Rosemary, Heather & Tony - and to all my friends and family who have been cheering on Naked Dragon from the sidelines!
Each of us is here to serve each other in our own unique way and the creation of loving and supportive communities will be the way of the future. Many people are now beginning to sense this exciting time of positive change as we move rapidly towards a brave new world.
As award-winning author, Lynne McTaggart rightly says, “We are Strong when We Unite…We are Weak when We Compete.”
I wish everyone a very beautiful and inspiring September and look forward to connecting with you all very soon.
With love and many blessings,
Julie xxx

Dragon's Jaunts
It has been another busy month with lots of exciting events to attend!

A couple of weeks ago I spent another beautiful day with Brian Mills at one of his increasingly popular Angel Days held onboard his gorgeous houseboat, Ark Angel, situated on the glorious Taggs Island, near Hampton. If you would like to read more about Brian’s Angel Days, please click HERE

My dear friend Marilyn recently celebrated her 80th birthday at a party held at a lovely restaurant in West Byfleet. Some of you may remember Marilyn from our Vision in Action days and I am delighted to say that she is just as elegant and charming as ever. Marilyn has been a role model for me for many years and continues to set a wonderful example of how to live an authentic and inspired life. Happy Birthday Marilyn!

Last week, I was invited to join Nick Williams from Inspired Entrepreneur  at Shift Happens, an inspirational talk with Robert Holden in London. I had wanted to meet Robert for many years - and eventually our paths have crossed! Robert is an amazing speaker and held the packed room spellbound for the entire evening. I am delighted to say that Robert has agreed to come and give a talk at Naked Dragon next Spring…so watch this space!  If you can’t wait that long...Robert is running a great course in October in London called ‘Love and the Ennegram’. Please click HERE for further details…and I’ll look forward to seeing you there!
A couple of weeks ago I attended a garden party  held in the grounds of a beautiful old house in Wraysbury, Surrey - complete with a topiary dragon(!), a hog roast, live music, cream teas, fancy dress and lots of  pretty stalls. The whole village appeared to have turned out for a great day of fun and frolics; raising much needed funds for the local parish church.

The party was followed by more great entertainment at Summer Breeze - in Bagshot, Surrey - organised by Nikki Leader of Awakening Events to raise funds for her forthcoming road trip across India in support of The Rainbow Trust. The finale to this wonderful day was attending my friend’s Alex's 50th birthday party held at The Jolly Farmer in Weybridge, Surrey with more great music and a birthday cake that was so huge, the cook managed to break three mixers in the process!

Book CoverYesterday I enjoyed a peaceful day of meditation at a One-Day Retreat held at The Global Retreat Centre in Oxfordshire run by the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University.

The enlightening afternoon session was facilitated by spiritual teacher  Mike George - best selling author of The 7 Myths about Love...Actually!

I first had the pleasure of meeting Mike a few years ago and have been a fan of his wonderful teachings ever since. To read Mike's recent interview with
Shamash Alidina, best selling author of Mindfulness for Dummies, please click HERE.

It has also been a hectic month of networking and meeting loads of interesting new people. For anyone living in Surrey who is interested in some local networking, a visit to the Networking in Surrey website will give you all the information you need about networking groups in your area.

Inspirational People

93 Year Old Yoga Master - Tao Porchon-Lynch

Tao Porchon-LynchTao is living proof that a regular yoga practice, combined with a positive outlook on life may be key to aging well.

This remarkable woman has been involved with yoga since her childhood in India and has been teaching the subject for 42 years.

Tao believes that the body can reycle itself and following hip replacement surgery a  number of years ago, her doctors warned her that she might not be able move like she used to. Thanking them for their advice, she didn’t let that stop her yoga practice, and at the grand young age of 84, she also became a competitive ballroom dancer!

Tao says “Yoga is the dance of life within us, and if I can teach yoga and do a good job, I can help others as much as I can help myself. I have got as much from my students as they have from me. I consider them to be my jewels. Inside of me is the creation of life, and if I can awaken that inside of me, there is nothing I cannot do! I’m going to dance and do yoga for as long as I live.”

To read more about this amazing lady and to watch her inspiring videos, please click HERE

Naked Dragon's Book of the Month

The Breaking of the Shell

The Breaking of The ShellEvery so often a book comes long that captures the heart and the imagination. `The Breaking of The Shell’ by Barry Durdant-Hollamby is one such book.

It is a story that many of us can relate to; particularly those who have lived through the hedonistic days of the 80′s when self-absorption and ambition ruled the day. It is beautifully written and cleverly links many levels of human understanding with a global awareness. The novel unfolds on many levels as the main character, Alexander, journeys towards finding personal peace and a sense of his life’s purpose.

From early childhood trauma and a wild adolescence, through to the (sometimes unwelcome) responsibilities of adulthood, Alexander’s journey takes us on a rollercoaster ride through life’s ups and downs, towards the profound state of peace and joy he experiences when he finally reaches a place of personal enlightenment. As Alexander’s story unfolds, I find myself totally captured by his emotional honesty and the courage he shows through facing his fears; accepting his strengths and weaknesses; and recognising the effect that his misguided actions have on those he loves and has a responsibility to care for.

To read the full version of this review, please click HERE


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Coming Up...

September kicks off with three exciting inspirational events for you to choose from:

Wednesday 14th September
Author of The Radiant Warrior, Jason Chan will be joining us to talk about 'The Art of Infinite Living'

Jason Chan
 Jason is a spiritual master, healer and master of martial arts who has dedicated his life to passing on the benefits of his ‘Infinite Arts’.

Are you tired of wandering through life constantly worrying about the future?

 Do you have a strange feeling that life is not supposed to be an endless struggle?

 Do you sometimes feel a longing deep within you to connect to an unchanging love, peace and joy that lie beyond this physical world?

If your answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’ – this seminar is for you!

Saturday 17th September
‘Money Magnet’ Playshop!  Marie-Claire Carlyle

Following her popular talk at Naked Dragon in June, Marie-Claire and I were discussing how our relationship with money begins in our childhood and how this conditioning continues to affect our attitude towards attracting wealth and abundance well into our adult lives.Money Magnet Playshop!

We both agreed that we often take the topic of money far too seriously and that it was about time we started to have a little - or preferably a lot - of fun around the subject…and so the idea of the Money Magnet Playshop was born!
So let your inner child come out to play and be prepared to explore your beliefs around money, some of which may be preventing you from enjoying the abundant life that is your birthright .This fun and interactive One-Day Playshop will change your relationship with money forever!

Wednesday 28th September
  It is our great honour to host best selling author of The Field and What Doctors Don’t Tell You, Lynne McTaggart; one of the world’s preeminent spokespersons on consciousness, the new physics and the science of spirituality.

Lynne McTaggart
This inspiring talk, ‘The Bond: Connecting Through the Space Between Us’, represents the culmination of Lynne’s groundbreaking work; offering a completely new scientific story, plus a detailed blueprint of how to live in harmony; with ourselves – and each other. We are Strong when We Unite…We are Weak when We Compete!
Tickets for this event are now on sale.
Seating is limited and tickets are selling out fast, so be sure of your seat, please book your ticket HERE!

Tim Wheater   12th October 2011
In addition to our talks and workshops, we will be adding a number of unique music experiences to our event programme, including an evening workshop with the legendary Tim Wheater and his Circle of Sound Experience

During this very special evening of sound, Tim will be working with the breath, the voice and chanting mantras for peace and well being.
To secure your place for this memorable evening, please book HERE!

Barefoot & Leakster   30th November 2011
We are delighted to be hosting A SPECIAL DEBUT PERFORMANCE of the new Live Positive Message Music album with Barefoot Doctor and his musical partner in crime,

Tickets for this great event are selling fast and it promises be a truly memorable evening.
 To be sure of your place, please book your ticket HERE!

Aiden McIntyre  If you’ve yet to enjoy the magical experience of a Gong Bath, you are in for a treat in December when Gong Master, Aidan McIntyre will be introducing us to 'The Magic of The Gong' and bathing us in a sea of beautiful and timeless vibrations.

   I first experienced a Gong Bath with Aidan and Gong Master, Don Conreaux many years ago and it was one of the most powerful and enjoyable experiences of my life!

 Please bring a rug and/or cushion for maximum comfort and enjoyment of the experience.

Treat yourself to this wonderful start to the festive and book your ticket HERE today!
Get Involved with Naked Dragon

If you are passionate about self-development and mind body spirit subjects and would like to get involved by supporting our work, we’d love to hear from you.
Beautiful DragonThese are just a few ways in which you can get involved:
Guest Reviews:
If you fancy yourself as a bit of a writer, or just want to share some valuable feedback, we are looking for guest contributors to write reviews on the following subjects:
Books you have read on the subjects of spirituality and self-improvement
Events or retreats you have recently attended
New holistic products that you have personally tested and want to rave about!
Your personal experience of how an alternative therapy or therapist has helped you

Your review will be featured on the website and you will be very welcome to include your own website and contact details.

Help to spread the Word by:
Helping to distribute leaflets and promotional materials
Contacting others in your area who are interested in these subjects
Add a link to Naked Dragon on your own newsletters - or on your website
‘Like’ the Naked Dragon Facebook Page
Sign up for our blogs via the website
Forward this email to your friends and contacts
Word of mouth

Design of Leaflets & Promotional Materials
If you are passionate about graphic design and love working with computer programmes, we are looking for someone to take over the creation of our new leaflets and promotional materials.
Press Releases
Maybe you are a student who is doing a communications degree and looking to get some experience of writing press releases, or maybe you are a budding journalist; whatever your interest, we would love to hear from you if you would like to get involved in the writing and distribution of press releases to local and national press and specialist magazines.
Technical Wizard
We are looking for a technical wizard to help set up sound equipment at our events and to take charge of all the technical challenges. If you are local to Chertsey and would like to get in involved, we’d love to hear from you.
For further details of the above roles, or to offer your support in any other way, please drop an email to:
Tell Us What YOU Want!

We are keen to ensure that we are offering you the type of events that you want to attend, and it would help us greatly to know about:

Your favourite type of events
The speakers you would like to hear
And the subjects and information you would like to read about within our newsletters and on the website.

Any suggestions will be very much appreciated.

Please send an email to: with your thoughts and we'll see what we can do to continue to meet your expectations!

Our forthcoming events will take place at our new venue:

The Crown Hotel
7 London Street, Chertsey, Surrey KT16 8AP
Tel: 01932 564657

Vist Website
Other Great Events

Alternatives Banner
Inspiring Heart, Mind & Soul

The Life Visioning Process
The Evolutionary Journey to Live as Divine Love
Michael Beckwith's
First Ever UK Event!

Sunday 09 October 2011
10.30 AM to 4.30 PM

Michael Beckwith

One-Day Workshop
Click HERE
for further details of this great event

Hay House Writers Course



The Writer's Workshop


LOVE AND THE ENNEAGRAM - 30th Sept - 2nd Oct 2011

LOVE AND THE ENNEAGRAM is a new 3-Day course with Robert Holden that uses the timeless wisdom of the Enneagram to help you understand yourself and others better, and to enjoy more loving relationships in your life.
The ENNEAGRAM is the oldest self-awareness tool on our planet, dating back 2,500 years.
It identifies NINE basic personality types, and shows you how to live more authentically, liberate natural talents, overcome inner blocks, relate well with people, handle conflicts better, and realize your natural potential for true happiness and success.

COURSE DATE: 30th Sept - 2nd October 2011. 
FEE: £249.00 
LOCATION: The Columbia Hotel, Lancaster Gate, W2, London. 

Mind Body Spirit Show 11-13th November 2011

Be sure not miss this great event!
For further details click HERE!

Hay House - I CAN DO IT! 23rd-25th September 2011

With a fantastic line-up of speakers including;

Louise Hay
Marianne Williamson
Thomas Moore
Caroline Myss
Cheryl Richardson
Gregg Braden
Bruce Lipton
Michael Neill
Ali Campbell
Lynne McTaggart
Vianna Stibal
Karl Dawson & Sasha Allenby -

For further details and to book your ticket, please click HERE!

Life Change Secrets

Inspiring you to make that change!

Tools, tips & techniques from the world’s best self development teachers

Sue Orkell’s Life Change Secrets points you to the teachers, books, events, courses, learning and messages that have helped others and might just help you.
This great site offers community – a community of positive people, taking positive steps forward and making positive change in their own life, and the lives of their family, community and planet
For further information, please click HERE!

Merlin's Diary

For a comprehensive list of the UK's best Mind Body Spirit events, visit my great friends over at Merlin's Diary.

With 1000's of events to choose from - you will be spoilt for choice!

To start filling your diary for the coming year, click here NOW!

Yoga Festival - Egypt 25th-30th November 2011

Treat yourself to a holiday to refresh your mind, body & soul.

Join yoga teacher Heather George at this brilliant event held in the most amazing location.

Go on - you know you deserve it!

For further details, please clicK HERE!


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