Naked Dragon News - October 2011

The Autumn season is now in full flow and Mother Nature continues to delight as she exhibits her stunning beauty with a burst of glorious rich autumn colours; a sight which always brings joy  to my heart and a smile to my soul.
Whilst most of the country were sunning themselves during our Indian Summer weekend a couple of weeks ago, I joined a group of 70 amazing people gathered inside a London hotel to attend the Love and the Ennegram course with happiness expert Robert Holden.

I had wanted to work with Robert ever since his QED programme on the subject many years ago and was delighted to be invited to join him and his team for this amazing course. I have to say that it was one of the best training programmes I have ever attended and the experience was well worth the sacrifice of three days of sunshine!
I just managed to fit in a quick visit to the Mind Body Soul show at Olympia on the Sunday afternoon and caught up with Naked Dragon’s next two speakers, Tim Wheater and Dr David Hamilton, as well as my lovely friends Emma Armstrong   Ahqulieah  Roger Hanson and
Lucinda Drayton from Bliss.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending two fantastic London events.

On Saturday I had the great honour of meeting Dan Millman at his Four Purposes of Life event hosted by Mind Body Spirit Events.

Not only was Dan a fantastic speaker, he even agreed to do a short interview with me! The link to the interview will follow when I've managed to sort out the technical challenges :-) My grateful thanks go to Mel Carlile and his great team for creating such a wonderful and uplifting day.

On Sunday I was invited by Steve Nobel to the Michael Beckwith event hosted by Alternatives.

Michael Beckwith was one of the featured speakers in The Secret and this was his first London event. As he took to the stage with his lovely wife, singer/songwriter Rikki Beckwith, together they raised the roof with the energy of their presentation combined with their amazing presence.

Again, many thanks to Steve and the Alternatives team for doing such fantastic job of organising another brilliant event - the stage and the lighting looked great!

I will be writing full reviews on all these events, so keep please checking the website for these. Or even better; sign up for our Blog Up-Dates to be kept informed of all the latest Naked Dragon  news Hot off the Press -- including Reviews and Blog Posts.
With four different events happening at Naked Dragon in October - including the launch of our new Inspirational Film Circle hosted by Movies by Mills - it is pretty busy around here these days, so it was wonderful to take a little time out to catch up with some old friends before gearing up for the exciting times ahead.
Have a wonderful month and I shall look forward to seeing you all very soon!
Much love as always,
Julie xxx

We have some fantastic events lined up for you this month!

Wed 12th Oct - Tim Wheater's Circle of Sound at 7.30pm
Wed 19th Oct - Inspirational Film Circle at 7.30pm
Sun 23rd Oct - One-Day Workshop with Jason Chan

Wed 26th Oct - Dr David Hamilton at 7.30pm

To see our full Calender of Events please click HERE

***And remember that if you book two different Talks, Films, or Music Experiences - you can choose a third event FREE!***

This Great Offer is only available until 31st October.
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The following article was written by Naked Dragon’s Events Co-ordinator, Cim Bartlett, in celebration of her recent wedding anniversary.

Cim is a lovely girl who always communicates from the heart and I found her article so touching that I thought I would share it with you.

How to Keep the Sparkle Going in a Long-term Relationship

This month my husband Jerry and I are celebrating our 19th wedding anniversary!

Please note that the exclamation mark is not for “phew” as in “gosh I can’t believe it” - as though it was a competition to see how long we can stay together!

Our friends and family know there is much more to our relationship than a race to achieve a certain number of years together and we still love each other deeply.

For some years we lost a bit of sparkle in our relationship. One of the main reasons was because of my ill health. Not being well can definitely contribute to the loss of sparkle. It's been back for some time now though, and I want to share with you how we are keeping the sparkle going in our marriage.

When people hear that we have been together for a long time, often they ask us how we do it. How do we manage to still be together …and love each other… and be happy together? Do you never fight or have an argument?

Of course we have arguments and disagreements, but we know how to learn from them and move on instead of being stuck in repetition.

And we regularly do a 'check in' - especially at our anniversary time of the year. We ask each other, “what does work for us and what do we want to change for the better?”

The Foundation Stones in our Relationship

Allow each other to be - and stop trying to control the other
We don’t try to control each other; it never works in the long run! Jerry never tries to control me by telling me what to do or what I can’t do. What he does instead is support me and encourage me in what I want to do in my life. We often discuss things; our businesses etc. and how to move them forward. He is my emotional support in life.

Working on Ourselves

We both take responsibility to work on ourselves, like making sure that we continue to grow as people, as lovers, partners and friends. There are lots of ways to do this, such as reading self-development books or doing workshops, or seminars.

Growing Intimately

We make sure that intimacy and sex is part of our life, not a separate thing that we mostly avoid because it’s a sensitive topic. To do that we make sure that we read books and do the occasional workshop - but mostly we talk about it. We have reached a new level of intimacy. It’s amazing when I think about it, I’ve gone from nearly giving up on intimacy and sex in our relationship, to a level of closeness and intimacy I didn’t know existed.

Fun and Excitement

Fun – of course fun has to be there. We plan and do fun things together.

Giving Each Other Space

It’s very important for both of us to have our own life and interests. We have areas of our lives that are separate. Apart from anything else, it’s always interesting to hear what the other gets up to.

Creating a Display for Our Next Year Together

Every year on our wedding anniversary, we have a fun session where we go through the past year; what we did, what were the key things that happened to us, and so on. And then we make a display of our vision for our next year together. We use coloured pens and big sheets of paper to create a inspiring vision board.

We pin it up on the wall afterwards, and then when we celebrate next year’s wedding anniversary, we can look back and see how things turned out.

Why Continue Our Relationship?

One key question that we both ask is “why would we continue to be together for another year?” It might sound a bit odd, but it’s really refreshing. It’s about coming from a place that says we don’t take it for granted that we are going to be together - unless we really put ourselves into the future -TOGETHER!

When she isn’t working her magic at Naked Dragon, Cim can be found teaching her Nia dance classes, or changing women’s life through her Sparkle Coaching Programme. You can read more about Cim’s work HERE

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If you are intending to book for one of our October events, you might like to treat yourself to a great Autumn dining offer at The Crown Hotel with a Meal for Twoincluding a bottle of winefor just £20.
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12th October 2011

An evening of Kirtan

with Krishna Das


For further details Click HERE

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Alternatives Banner
Inspiring Heart,
Mind & Soul

Sat 26 November 2011 - 10.30 AM
Sun 27 November 5.30 PM

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

A Weekend Intensive

The great leaders and heroes in history all had one thing in common. They were able to dream of something that did not exist and make it happen. How? By harnessing the power of their own mind, they were able to make thought more real than anything else. By believing in themselves, and relentlessly pursuing their dream with certainty and conviction, they brought about much needed change and created a new reality – not only for themselves, but for millions of others around the world.

For further details and to book, please click HERE

Hay House Writers Course



The Writer's Workshop


Mind Body Spirit Show 11-13th November 2011

Be sure not miss this great event!
For further details click HERE!

Life Change Secrets

Inspiring you to make that change!

Tools, tips & techniques from the world’s best self development teachers

Sue Orkell’s Life Change Secrets points you to the teachers, books, events, courses, learning and messages that have helped others and might just help you.
This great site offers community – a community of positive people, taking positive steps forward and making positive change in their own life, and the lives of their family, community and planet
For further information, please click HERE!

Merlin's Diary

For a comprehensive list of the UK's best Mind Body Spirit events, visit my great friends over at Merlin's Diary.

With 1000's of events to choose from - you will be spoilt for choice!

To start filling your diary for the coming year, click here NOW!

Yoga Festival - Egypt 25th-30th November 2011
Treat yourself to a holiday to refresh your mind, body & soul.

Join yoga teacher Heather George at this brilliant event held in the most amazing location.

Go on - you know you deserve it!

For further details, please clicK HERE!

Sing Your Heart Out - Dance Your Socks Off!

Lucinda Drayton
Pearl Jordan

27th Nov 2011
11am - 5pm

All Souls
21 Alexandra Rd London NW8 0DP

Lucinda and London Choreographer Pearl Jordan will take you on a journey through sound and movement. No matter what your level of ability you can join in. It's about stepping out of your comfort zone, feeling safe in a group, working together and expanding through laughter and movement. When we move our bodies we shift our world. If you are stuck in areas of your life then come...this is a fabulous way to breakout of the old and start the new. Make new friends and have FUN

For further details please click HERE
Or call: 0870 350 0557

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