Newsletter June 2015

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Getting Serious on Climate Change

IES Academic Director Prof. Dr. Sebastian Oberthür is the leading co-author of a comprehensive proposal for securing an ambitious and fair climate agreement in 2015.


The proposal, “Getting Specific on the 2015 Climate Change Agreement: Suggestions for the Legal Text”, is meant to inform policy makers’ decisions leading up to and during the climate summit in Paris this December. It was elaborated by an international consortium collaborating on the Agreement on Climate Transformation (ACT) 2015 project and including the IES.

The proposal contains comprehensive legal suggestions for climate negotiators to secure an ambitious 2015 climate agreement. It details legal text for each article of the Paris agreement reflecting the choices that the consortium determined necessary and achievable to secure a positive outcome in Paris. The legal suggestions are coupled with a memorandum explaining how decisions and choices were made. The proposal reflects a balance of priorities and required hard choices – the same difficult choices that climate negotiators need to resolve in the months ahead. It also aims to demonstrate that it is possible to reconcile the interests of all major stakeholders and reach an ambitious climate agreement in Paris.





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