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The Future of European Geostrategy

Europe faces critical internal and external challenges. As a sound foundation to Europe’s international role, what can be said about the degree of internal cohesion? What is Europe’s longer-term response to crises in the East and the South? How is the transatlantic relationship evolving in light of these crises and the rise of China in the Far East? How should Europe view the “Arab Spring” and what is its response to the rise of ISIL? How can Europe simultaneously deal with threats on its neighbourhood and its global interests? How does Europe understand geopolitics and strategy today?

These are just some of the questions that will be raised during our Autumn Lecture Series, jointly organised by the Institute for European Studies-VUB and the Egmont – Royal Institute for International Relations. All lectures will be conducted in English. Attendance is free but registration is required. To register for the lectures please visit our website.

Daniel Fiott Awarded Prestigious FWO Fellowship Award

Irene Wieczorek Awarded Diploma of the Academy of European Law

IES Inaugural Lecture: Finance and the Single Market - The Challenges Facing the EU

IES Participates in EU think tank Platform Paris 2015 - TT2015

IES webinar: On the way to Lima and Paris: the EU’s role in international climate policy'.

Upcoming Events

with Sir Robert Cooper

15 Oct - 18:00

The Ukraine Crisis, Russia Resurgent and the West
with Amb. Alexander Vershbow (tbc)

15-17 Oct
EU in Close-up: 3 day intensive training on the EU

20 Oct - 18:00 29 Oct - 18:00

From the Gulf of Guinea to the Gulf of Aden
with Honorary Ambassador Johan Swinnen

3 Nov - 18:00
Europe's Strategic Frontiers: The Arctic

with Ambassador Professor Alyson Bailes

13 Nov - 18:00
28 Nov - 18:00

The Far East and Europe

with Dr. Alessio Patalano

1 Dec - 18:00 with Prof. Christopher Coker

3 Dec - 18:00
European Geostrategy in Central Asia

with Dr. Stephen J. Blank (tbc)
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