Newsletter February 2015

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New IES-VUB PhD: Justyna Pożarowska

The IES is delighted to announce that on 12 January 2015 IES-VUB researcher, Justyna Pożarowska,  publicly defended her PhD dissertation entitled: “Governance through institutional complexes – towards a post-Nagoya institutional equilibrium in the international management of genetic resources”.  Justyna’s work was supervised by Prof. Dr. Sebastian Oberthür  as part of an FWO-funded project. The jury consisted of Prof. Dr. Jamal Shahin (Chair of the jury), Prof. Dr. Harri Kalimo (co-supervisor), Prof. Dr. Gustaaf Geeraerts (second co-supervisor), Prof. Dr. Amandine Orsini, and Prof. Dr. Kristin Rosendal. Building on the case of genetic resources in her thesis, Justyna depicts a process of international institutional interactions leading to the emergence of the institutional complex that has been investigated in terms of its structure, internal process and evolution over time.



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