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Our 2015 Annual Report Card
Client's ROI

St. Christopher's Inn
$ 6 dollars raised for every  dollar spent on fundraising for their annual fund. Our work began with a four month development audit.

Trinity Church
$ 3 dollars raised for every dollar spent on fundraising for their private grants program.

VIP Services
$ 12 dollars raised for every dollar spent on fundraising for government grants services.

Arthur Ash Institute
$ 7 dollars raised for every dollar spent on fundraising for their private grants program.

Planning Services
These clients have engaged LAPA for planning services, laying the groundwork for fundraising.

LAPA advised Jhpiego on messaging for their appeals, including their end of year appeal, and the client raised $33,000 more than last year.

Villa Maria 
LAPA encouraged Villa Maria to run a series of new direct mail campaigns, resulting in an additional $25,000 in funding.

LAPA conducted a private foundations assessment for this Italian based NGO, revealing over 25 value aligned U.S. Foundations who would likely contribute to their cause.

LAPA provided a private foundations assessment for this London based NGO, revealing several major U.S. foundations who were likely to support their efforts in the six figure range.


ROI? I usually avoid jargon, but these three letters, well, I just love ‘em. And you should too! Return On Investment. This calculation shows the number of dollars raised compared to the amount spent on fundraising. LAPA recommends that every nonprofit take this important performance measure seriously. Check out my video above to learn more.

According to the Maryland Association of Non-Profits' "Standards for Excellence" and other credible sources, an established ROI benchmark for high-efficiency non-profits is three to one, or $3 dollars raised for every $1 spent on fundraising.

Understanding your ROI  allows you to make decisions about your fundraising program, strengthen what’s working, and revise weak areas.

This ROI shows the funds LAPA raised, as contrasted with LAPA fees, it does not reflect the whole of the client's development program.

We're the only fundraising firm that tracks and publicly reports our ROI for each client. For every dollar that clients spend with us, we calculate, and publish, what they have received in return; our personal commitment to transparency and accountability.

A snapshot of the last year’s ROI (2015) for LAPA clients is displayed on the left. We are celebrating with our clients, and are proud to report that we meet (or outpace) the industry benchmarks for every client. 

Do you measure your agency's ROI? What have you learned from the results? For more information on calculating ROI for your agency, see my first axiom: ROI, It's Not Just a Math Exercise.