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Welcome to our Spring update!

Bernardette Homes, our new Campaign DirectorIt's filled with the latest news and information about how to engage with the campaign to advance our national language capability!

Languages 2014 – How prepared are we for the new National Curriculum?
Bernardette Homes, our new Campaign Director

Language Trends 2013/14 reports that as many as 95% of primary schools are teaching a language and 42% already feel confident that they meet the requirements of the new National Curriculum. The EBacc continues to improve take-up at KS4 and the number of schools with more than 50% of pupils studying a language continues to rise. However, the latest findings reveal a worrying increase in the percentage of schools disapplying pupils from language learning at KS3, despite the statutory status. 

They also indicate that the EBacc effect does not appear to be having a positive impact on numbers continuing to A Level, where declining take-up in the Independent Sector is setting off alarm bells. Join us at our AGM at the British Academy on 30th April to discuss the implications of the latest findings with the authors of the report.

S2F is a campaign for all those who believe that language and culture really matter! To find out more and join the national team as a volunteer, please get in touch!!

Bernardette Holmes
Campaign Director, Speak to the Future

Language Show Live

S2F is the official partner for the LSL and will be organising high profile events and competitions, including a Language Leaders’ Summit for head teachers and subject leaders looking at implementing the new curriculum 2014, and a new national competition Strictly 1000 Words celebrating languages and culture through performance!

1000 Words Challenge

Have you taken up the 1000 Words Challenge yet? Did you known that you – and your friends, colleagues, pupils and everyone you know – can sign up to a FREE online vocabulary-learning platform to reach the 1000 Words target in a range of languages? We are very grateful to Vocab Express and to Oxford University Press for setting up this fantastic site.

Sign up now, and look out for the chance to win prizes and enter the Strictly 1000 Words competition!

British Academy Schools Language Awards

These prestigious awards offer £4,000 for schools to promote languages! The Academy is interested in projects which encourage greater numbers of learners to take languages to A level and beyond. Don’t miss out! This year’s closing date: 30th June 2014. Read More >>

Future Events

Click here to see our full events listings!

Inspiring Languages Week

With the European Day of Languages on 26th September, what better way to join in a national celebration of languages than with a special focus on careers?

Among the activities
planned for the week of 22-26th September, we’re encouraging schools to apply for one of the hundreds of employee-volunteers who use languages in their job and who’ve offered to visit schools, to talk to your pupils apart the importance of languages at work.

If you use languages in your job and would like to volunteer, now’s the time to sign up so you can be matched to a school in your area!

Language Landscape

A new platform has launched this week to celebrate languages and help protect endangered languages by letting speakers of those languages record and share their voice.

Sandy Ritchie and his team from SOAS run this website and outreach programmes to bring together language communities online, to help people to better understand the languages spoken around them, and to help to raise the profile of minority and endangered languages.

Every Language an Asset

Speak to the Future continues to support community and lesser taught languages through a special strand of its activity.  We are delighted that Sarah Cartwright, who led the Our Languages project, will be joining the campaign team to take this work forward. There will be a thematic seminar at the British Academy on 21st May focusing on support and training for teachers and how to promote and celebrate language skills. We particularly welcome teachers of languages in supplementary schools at this event.

Multilingual Manchester

New research shows that being multilingual has a positive effect on language proficiency. The more languages children speak, the better they can speak them.

A new method – the School Language Survey – developed by the University of Manchester's Multilingual Manchester project, can change our understanding of the role of heritage languages in schools and communities.
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